Thursday, February 20, 2014

A glimpse of paradise in Langkawi; Visit Malaysia 2014

2014 is Visit Malaysia year, and a great place to start is the paradise island of Langkawi. Two of my sisters-in-law, Florina and Felicity, recently spent 2 nights at Ombak Villa by Langkawi Lagoon Resort and didn't want to leave this stunning paradise!

Check out their cool video of this gem of Malaysia:

Here are just a few of the many photos they took in Langkawi. I can feel their excitement in each picture!
(All photos credited to Florina and Felicity Michael)

Langkawi Lagoon Resort

Watching the sunset in Langkawi

Chalets at Langkawi Lagoon Resort

Florina on the beautiful beach

Breathtaking views at Langkawi

Chilling out for an afternoon sailing on a boat

My crazy sister!

Breakfast at Langkawi Lagoon Resort

Thanks Florina and Felicity. Langkawi looks awesome! To learn more of the resort or book your stay, please visit the website here: Langkawi Lagoon Resort

You are now ready to pack your bags and come to Malaysia!


  1. I wouldn't want to leave either, it looks stunning!

  2. Wow! That place looks amazing! *Sigh*... One more item on my to-see travel list ;) Thanks, Duncan!

  3. Looks so fun! When are going to Langkawi, babe?

  4. These gals look as though they had a great time!


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