Wednesday, December 7, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree is up in the living room. It looks particularly splendid at night when it is the sole source of light in the house.

We are going out to do some window shopping tonight with a view to adding to the decorations on the tree a little, and to the pile of presents under it!

Is your tree up yet? Have you done your Christmas shopping?


  1. No, Duncan, it isn't. This year our days before Christmas will be not so far from you, and we will be back after Christmas. Nevertheless, we will have a Christmas tree then, as it gives a special air to the whole home. We use to keep it in the house till after St.John's, the Baptizer, day.

  2. yes my tree is up !
    go check it out on my page :)
    nice pix btw :)

  3. No, not up yet but most of the shopping has been done. Great looking tree.

  4. Can't wait to buy all the presents and more decorations for the tree!

  5. Your tree looks very pretty as the only source of light.

  6. Our Christmas tree is up just yesterday but it looks dull with the old decoration and ornaments that we've been using for years. I'm going to buy some new stuff for the Christmas tree and no, I haven't done my Christmas shopping.

    Your tree looks nice, by the way :)

  7. We have a small Christmas tree on a table, it too can be the only light in the room.

  8. Traveling Hawk, once again, wishing you a great time in Thailand!

    Hi Jaya J, glad you have a nice tree up as well!

    Thanks Odie and Linda!

    Fidelia, glad we've now got most of it done!

    Thanks Angel, you go and buy some fresh new decorations! You'll feel way better :)

    Anthony, it's lovely having the tree lights on at night.

  9. I love your Christmas Tree, its lights, really beautiful. None here this year, no space really.
    But I have to agree such lights at night create comfort and peace.
    Have a beautiful week-end!


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