Friday, December 9, 2011

Fidelia's Friday - Floor lamps

We are surveying floor lamps. So, we checked out some cool floor lamps on Google. 

These are the lamps that we thought are pretty interesting!

This is what we would love to have. Simple and nice!

Do you have interesting lamps at your home? 


  1. YUP! definitely. My mom's an interior designer. We've got weird pretty lights at home. My fav is the one situated at the main entrance door. You can see it from outside if you pass by my house because the door is made out of glass.

    But I don't really know how to describe it. Kinda looks like this:

    Anyway, you should go to Ikea. They have a lot of awesome lamps there! You should check out Seng Hup. They have awesome lamps there. My mom always bought lamps for her customer in Kuantan. ;D

  2. Hi Anna, thanks for the info. I'd love to shop at Ikea!

  3. I've always wanted a lamp like the last one. Ikea do them but I don't know if you have Ikea there?

  4. I like the floor lamps, they seem to emit a nice sense of ambience. Our lamps are pretty much workman-like with emphasis on functionality.

  5. Hallå där över.
    Vi har en linande den sista fast den är fyrkantig.Köpt på IKÈA.
    Hoppas att det inte blir jätteöversvämningar. Det blir det ju det överallt i världen nu för tiden.
    Bilden på Tjejen i mörker är underbar.
    Kramizzz på dig
    Ha en fortsatt bra vecka fast det regnar

  6. Hi Mum, we have Ikea, but it's in KL.

    Hey Doug, thanks for dropping by. Sorry I've not been over to your blog for a while. I'm having a problem leaving comments on blogs which don't do them in separate pop-up boxes.

    Lotta, I think Ikea is the place to go! Thanks for dropping by!

  7. hi duncan, yeah.. IKEA is the best place to go..
    The paper lamps.. cost only >RM50..
    I love going there every week :)

  8. crakylife, thanks for coming over to my blog! It's hard when the only IKEA in Malaysia is in KL!


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