Monday, December 12, 2011

When it rains, it pours

We are in the middle of the annual monsoon rains here in Kuantan. Running through November to January, they limit our enjoyment in going out. The evenings are dark and cold. Lauren somehow loves it.

In this picture, I captured Lauren gazing out the window at the pouring rain. Simply switching off the lights and taking photos in the dark with nothing but the rain and street lamp outside, made for some unique images, like this one.

The rain has been falling all day and all night for the last few days. It has caused flooding at The Zenith Hotel basement car park, and the disappearance of the letter 'K' by the riverfront. It now reads "UANTAN". 

We also associate the monsoon rains with being stuck in the house all day long, which I'm not too keen on, along with interruption of the satellite television reception, which is definitely not good when you're trapped at home on a never-ending rainy day!


  1. I experienced that kind of weather when I was in Viet Nam but not since. Don't think I would like to do that again. At least one member of your family seems to like it. Have a great week.

  2. The photo of Lauren near the window is really beautiful. Thought I understand the period is not the best, I still see you find inspiration in the every day life. Best of luck facing more days in....

  3. Yes Odie, it's not the best weather to be in!

    Marie, thanks for your comment about the photo. Inspiration can be found everywhere :)

  4. I like rains but not poring all the day and for days! Lauren's photo is very good, indeed.

  5. The Rain took the "K" away ...
    It's the same in KL !

  6. I love rain and love watching it too, except when I have to rush to work. And the sound of raindrops on tin-roof top is like symphony of the heavens. That picture of Lauren looking out the window at the rain is just beyond words. Great!

  7. Nice picture, that silhouette of Lauren by the window. I can't believe it rains every day for a couple of months.
    But if you had to go to the store for something, you could wear raingear and an umbrella, right?
    Usually in rainy weather here in US, traffic accidents increase during rainstorms.

  8. Traveling Hawk, I agree, when the rain goes on for too long, it's quite annoying!

    Wong, it's amazing that the letter 'K' fell down but none of the other letters!

    ordinary malaysian, I too love the sound of driving rain on tin roofs! Very calming for me. Thanks for coming over :)

    Anthony, we'd have to take the car and then use the umbrella. Can still go out, just a lot harder.

  9. You know, out of my almost 24 years of life in Kuantan, I have NEVER took even a single picture of that KUANTAN sign, even though every Summer I have my practicals in HTAA which is just across the street with that KUANTAN sign. and now it's UANTAN... -___-"

  10. Maybe a lot of people are in the same boat - it's taken the collapse of the letter 'K' for people to start snapping pictures! :)


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