Friday, December 16, 2011

Fidelia's Friday - Lauren's different expressions

Here are pictures of Lauren with different expressions! 

Happy face!

Sad face!

Angry face!

Excited face!

Scary face!

Bored face!

Lauren loves to take pictures. She's good  at modelling!  

Which one is your FAVOURITE expression? Duncan thinks her bored face looks like her Aunty Rachel!


  1. Lauren does have a variety of facial expressions, and some killer ones which are not shown here!

  2. I love all of them!! She's so adorable! She'll make an excellent model!

  3. Vilken skön modell Jättefina bilder.
    Nu är det ju snart jul och det märks överallt på bloggarna som här tex. Vilken vacker header du har lagt in.
    Ha en riktig mysig helg.

  4. Will have to compare with my baby photos! My favourite is the excited face. She's so loveable!

  5. She's so lovely I'm having trouble choosing but I think my favourite is her excited face because it's lovely to see children enjoying life.

  6. I like the bored look. Aren't we all bored at times?

  7. Although she couldn't take a bad picture I like the excited face best.
    She sure is a cutie.

  8. Hi Lotta, thanks. I found the header picture on the internet but couldn't trace where it originally came from, though I did link it to one site which was using it.

    Hey Rach, sometimes I call Lauren "Rachel"!

    Hi Rosalind, I like to see her so happy and excited too! It's how children are meant to be :)

    ordinary malaysian, yes we do have those bored times. Like today while it's raining the whole day!

    Hi Odie, thanks, her happy face is my favourite too :)


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