Thursday, August 18, 2011

Zenith Hotel Views

The Zenith Hotel and Menara Zenith are the newest iconic structures in Kuantan. The hotel is fully completed while the office tower is nearing completion. These landmarks have served as navigational tools for me and my cycling journeys.


  1. What a contrast these new buildings are to the foreground ones.

  2. Nice pictures. Excellent exquisite framing and focusing with an excellent light.

  3. The have an interesting form, Duncan. May be, on other ocassion, you will present them in more photos (inside too). The vegetation in the first photo is wonderful.

  4. Yes Linda, there are many instances of old versus new here.

    Thanks for the credits Leovi!

    Traveling Hawk, I've done so many posts and pictures about these buildings. If you have a look through the archives there are plenty of photos inside and out for you to enjoy :)


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