Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ramadan one-week fasting trial - Day 3

Day 3 got off to a false start as we had a late night with the children. Lauren kept us up around 2-4am and I didn't wake up until 9.30am. So I missed my early breakfast, But anyway, I continued fasting until lunchtime. Still 12 hours of fast but at a different time of the day.

I admire those Muslims who can deal with late nights, babies and young children not sleeping well, and still go through with the fast.

Glad to say I'm back on track today!


  1. Good to follow your Ramadan week - Yes it impresses me too.
    Here in Ireland the weather is quite cold so it makes fasting easier, even though there are 17 hours between 2 meals.
    When I think about my family in-law in Egypt, I imagine things are definitely harder, not counting as you say babies, all day cooking,...

  2. Hi Marie, with the heat and humidity it is very challenging and there is a fine line between fasting and getting ill! I'm very impressed with those who can keep it up for the whole month.


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