Friday, September 23, 2011

Fidelia's Friday - Dissatisfied customer

Yesterday, Duncan decided to print out some pictures so we could put them in our frames at home. So, he went to this printing shop which he truly trusts (because he was satisfied with their service the last time he went) nearby our house.

When he came back, I saw his unhappy face and he said "I am not very happy with them!" I asked "Why?" So, he showed me the pictures. My reaction was "Oh my, what have they done to our pictures?" I couldn't believe for the first time Duncan didn't say a word to them when he saw those pictures and instead he just paid them! Seeing those horrible looking pictures just completely destroyed the start of my lovely day.

Duncan decided to make things right. So, he cycled to another photo shop about 20 minutes away. When he reached the shop, he asked them while showing the awful pictures, "Can you do better than these?" They answered, "Of course!"

So, I am now a happy lady again after we developed better ones. We are now able to put them in our beautiful frames and make our house look even better.

Here are a couple of pictures that really got me angry. Are you ready?

On the left, I looked like I have a third degree sunburn! The right one is better quality!

As you can see in the bottom picture, I screwed it up because I was so angry! Look at us? I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I saw this. Now I can laugh about it though.

Anyway, I also fixed our printer today. We can print out pictures ourselves now so Duncan and I are happy bunnies. Save a lot of money as well because we don't have to send the printer to a computer shop to fix the cartridges. 

Have you ever been a dissatisfied customer before? If yes, do you tell them that you are not satisfied or you just keep quiet and get on with your life? I think we have the right to say what we think is not good enough. CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! 


  1. Hi Fidelia,

    I was going to say printers are so cheap today you can buy one for cost of getting pictures done by shop.

    Then I read Duncan is getting one to print your own. I love your Pictures and of course you will be upset when seeing them together like you show. It makes it so clear to see how bad a job the first place did, I would take the second set to the first shop and ask for money back. (but thats just me).

    Very soon this will be one of the main websites for Kuantan information, Keep up the good work.
    chat soon

    John in JB.

  2. No they are not good quality - I can understand why you were upset!

  3. Hi Duncan, thanks for the visit to Perth, I've enjoyed looking through your posts. It really is a pain when you get bad results as above, but now that you have a new printer you can be in charge of your own prints and you can have fun with it.

  4. Bonjour Duncan and family!
    First of all thanks for your kind visit in our Bonjour Luxembourg!Your blog is beautiful and very interesting!
    I'm enchanted by so cute baby!
    Good luck with next prints! :)

  5. Professional photo shops should do a professional job. What nonsense service these fellows gave you. Should have given them a shelling and not pay for their incompetence. But really nice family photos Fidelia.

  6. I would take both sets of photos to the first shop and ask why theirs are so awful.
    If you get no satisfaction, forget them.

  7. Unfortunately this experience I have spent several times, especially when there was analog photography.

  8. Hi John, I've already achieved quite a bit through this website so now I'm just maintaining, upgrading, and hoping for more :)

    Dianne, thanks for the sympathy! lol

    PerthDailyPhoto, thanks for visiting! Yes we will be printing our own pictures now, or for higher quality, going to the shop where I got the 2nd set of prints!

    Cezar and Leia, thanks for your visit back! My daughter is called Leah, just a different way to spell your name I guess!

    Doug, yeah! But I caused the problem in the first place! haha!

    ordinary malaysian, I regret not asking for better service there! Oh well, it's all water under the bridge now :)

    Anthony, yes, I hear you. But they made the best business cards I've ever had for me! I just won't print there again!

    Leovi, we all go through some bad experiences don't we?

  9. haha i really lol'ed when i saw the photos, haha sunburnt is an understatement! i think duncan was very dignified by accepting it, i think i would have thrown the pictures at them! :p

  10. What a shame, no wonder you were angry and upset, but at least now you can print out your own photos at home, much more satisfactory.

  11. Duncan save the day again !!!
    Lots of "that" in KL ....

  12. Aisha, lol, I normally would have made a scene, but as I mentioned earlier, they made lovely business cards for me before...haha!

    Anna, how are you doing in Russia?

    Linda, yes that is a comfort

    Wong, I may have saved the day, but I was just making up for my earlier cock-up!


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