Friday, September 2, 2011

Fidelia's Friday - 3 days 2 nights getaway at Duta Village Beach Resort

This week is a school holiday and Muslims are celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri for a month. We got a free stay for 3 days 2 nights at Duta Village Beach Resort in Balok, given to us by our house owner. 

We reached the resort at 3pm. After we checked-in and settled everything, we headed to the beach. Lauren and her daddy built some sandcastles while Leah and I just sat under the shade near the resort.

We then spent our time in the chalet at night and cooked our own dinner.

Leah couldn't get to sleep so we decided to go for a walk. While we were heading to the beach, we found a group of people celebrating a birthday. Duncan decided to say 'hi' and talk to them for a while. They gave us a slice of chocolate cake and a cupcake. They were amazed at how cute our daughters are. They came all the way from Kuala Lumpur. We took a group photo as well. Very nice people.

The next day, Lauren spent time in the swimming pool. We invited our friend, Raymond and his family to go for a swim and play at the beach. They have a 3-year-old daughter named Folla. She is Lauren's best buddy. They can't communicate with each other because Lauren only speaks English and Folla only speaks Mandarin Chinese. They can still play together though.

During dinner time, we decided to dine at the resort restaurant. I read a review saying the food is not so good. So, I was a little bit unsure whether to spend a lot on the food which wouldn't taste nice. Anyway, we gave it a go! I ordered Chicken Curry with steamed rice. Duncan and Lauren ordered Chinese Fried Rice and Grilled Sausages with fries and coleslaw. Everything came to RM44. When the food arrived, it tasted really really delicious. We enjoyed it so much! We thanked the chef for cooking us such delicious food. I'm glad we gave it a try! The food is one of my highlights.

We took some family photos as well in the chalet. 

Did some planking.

We decided to leave the next day around 10.30am. We missed our home! So good to be back and also glad we went on our little getaway. No satellite tv, no internet, no nothing. For 2 nights we lived a simple lifestyle. Back to the basic. I am not sure which one I prefer!

So, when you go on holiday, do you miss your home? I certainly do!


  1. The last photo is very nice, but all this is very interesting!

  2. Hye ! I went there on that day too. Do u remember?? Anyway, what you said were true. It was a fantastic place to have some simple holiday. Nice pictures. It's quite funny. See you next time if there's a chance.

  3. Looks like you had a nice break - it's always lovely to have some day away but I too am happy to get back home after a while.........I see all the family is good fan of planking!!!
    A lovely week-end to all.

  4. This text was very funny. It seems you had a great time there. The family planking photo is awesome!

  5. It sounds like a very nice mini holiday. It was good of your landlord to think of you, wasn't it?
    I'm a bit like you guys, I like get away for a few days, but I prefer being home with all "connections" and familiar things.

  6. Not been to the resort myself. No tv, no internet and all the other usual distractions of modern life must have been nice for a change. Nice picture of your whole family planking. Leah must be the world's youngest "planker". Cute.

  7. A great mini break but what a shame you missed home:)

  8. Ohhh I need a holiday too! Been packing and packing and packing endlessly as I am moving soon .. You have a great weekend ya!

  9. Thanks for the comments on this post! Wai Quan, thanks for dropping a comment here too - yes we remember :) I'm glad a number of you enjoyed the planking photo haha!

  10. How silly was that. LOL!


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