Thursday, September 29, 2011

Leaves in Kuantan - Part 4

The final installment of Leaves in Kuantan is upon us and this week has gone too fast!

Enjoy the final images of leaves in Kuantan and perhaps you will leave with some inspiration to explore nature yourself or get the camera out and snap away!


  1. Duncan, I like that 4th image of the leave parade ...
    and for Chinese Wedding, up to the 5th course of the 10 course meal, I usually give up !!!!

  2. Magnificas tomas Duncan! Unos enfoques preciosos!
    Un abrazo!

  3. Hi there Duncan. I love your new header photo collage. It's nice to keep changing things, isn't it? I've really enjoyed your series of leaves. Number 2 is my very favourite one today, but number 3 is very unusual.

  4. Hey Duncan!

    Yeah, it's Lady on the Roof :) I'm so sorry that I have not sent out your prize from the giveaway (I'm sending it tomorrow). I had to take a two month hiatus but everything is good now and I am back. How are you?

    Love the new layout of your blog. And as always, you take great shots... Love the 3rd and last one the best :)

  5. Beautiful compositions. I love the perspective of the fourth photo.

  6. Thank you to you all!

    Carolyne, it's sure good to have you back!

    Diane, changing the layout keeps it fresh and exciting!

    Wong, I'm sure you would spend more time with the camera anyhow!


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