Monday, September 26, 2011

Leaves in Kuantan - Part 1

For the last few months or so I've been collecting images of leaves in Kuantan. I've taken many pictures of flowers and plants and trees but never really just focused solely on leaves. 

Leaves in Malaysia are evergreen. There is no spring, autumn or winter, so we never witness the beautiful yellows, oranges or reds like back in England, but we do always witness the fresh greenery all around. Hope you enjoy Part 1:

First up are some macro shots of leaves. The veins look like streets and blocks of houses.


  1. Bonjour!
    These macro shots are spectacular, very well done!The lines and texture is beautiful!
    I love green, this is a great subject!
    A nice week for you all

  2. The second photo looks surreal, Duncan. Looking forward to Part Two!

    Ninja-ing my way through life

  3. Hi Duncan. Amazing photos of those leaves. Wonderful shots, and something really different.

  4. Very fine macros, especially the first two!

  5. wow! beautiful pictures with beautiful colors of green, I like the details of these leaves.

  6. Impresionantes estos macros, podemos apreciar todos los detalles en esas hojas.Los verdes son imporesionantes!
    Un abrazo.

  7. Duncan ! that's a great idea... very cool macro lights shining through the greens ! I like it, and taking your ideas into action soon as I can use the camera !

  8. Bonjour Leia! Thanks for your comments and happy blogging!

    Yes Michelle, that 2nd photo is very abstract!

    Thanks Diane, Traveling Hawk, Leovi and Elena!

    Wong, thanks for popping over and good luck shooting the leaves!

  9. They look great! How funny - it definitely looks like a real place, a busy city on the 1st one. Very interesting.


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