Monday, September 5, 2011

Duta Village Resort Kuantan Part 1

You've heard plenty about our short stay at Duta Village Resort in Kuantan in two posts from last week, mostly in Fidelia's Friday. So I won't be using too many words today - the pictures will tell the story . . . 

Looking in through the front door of the chalet

The living room area

The 2nd bedroom

Half of the 1st bedroom

and the other half

Basic bathroom with water heater

mini kitchen cabinets

Welcome to our chalet!

Tomorrow Part 2


  1. Nice little chalet. Not been there. How was the beach and sea?

  2. Looks like you had a great time! Looking forward Part 2 in photos. Take care.

  3. I like your new header and the slide show! The lotus pond is beautiful.

    The chalet looks cosy!

  4. Really beautiful and lovely photos. A beautiful and welcoming chalet.

  5. Lovely photos of your chalet. I hope you enjoyed your little break. I particularly loved the two photos of the four of you together. You have such a lovely little family!

  6. It's nicely equipped for a holiday chalet. After all, I'ms sure that you were outdoors most of the time!

  7. ordinary malaysian, the beach and sea were great! Had a lovely time there.

    Hi Marie, thanks for dropping in!

    Traveling Hawk, thanks for your compliments. I do like to make some changes to my blog's appearance now and again.

    Hey Leovi, I was pleasantly surprised with how nice the chalet was!

    Thanks Diane, for your visit! We enjoyed our little break immensely!

    Hi Craig, it was 50/50 between being outdoors and indoors. Leah spends a good deal of time sleeping each day, which kept at least one of us indoors with her, and sometimes the sun is just too hot for my wife! So I took Lauren out with sunglasses and hat!

    Marius, thanks for dropping in!


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