Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pahang State Mosque, Kuantan

The Pahang State Mosque in Kuantan is the centrepiece of Kuantan town.

Located in the heart of the town beside the post office and opposite Kuantan old town, it is the Islamic centre of worship in Kuantan.

Many years ago I visited the Pahang State Mosque, hoping to be able to go inside. Not only did I mange to go inside, but I had a guide who showed me around, and he allowed me to take pictures too. He didn't speak any English though, so I attempted to ask him questions using my shaky Bahasa Melayu. Overall it was unsuccessful!

The beautiful minarets at the Pahang State Mosque, Kuantan

Entrance to the Pahang State Mosque, Kuantan

My guide took me up one of these minarets, a very tight spiral staircase, but the view from the top was beautiful.

Spectacular view of the marvellous domes of the Pahang State Mosque, Kuantan, as the storm clouds began gathering. This was taken from midway up a minaret.

Being inside the Pahang State Mosque is a beautiful experience. It is quiet and peaceful, but above all, the artwork and design of this lovely edifice is inspiring.

Beautiful stained-glass window

Prayer hall in Pahang State Mosque, Kuantan

I can clearly see seven distinct 'levels' in the structure of the Pahang State Mosque, including the small domes, large dome and minarets. I wonder if this has any symbolic significance to Muslims?

The mosque is a beautiful sight!

And here it is in all its beauty at night! 
Incidentally this image was my favourite of the year 2010. See my top ten favourite pictures of 2010 here


  1. Bonjour!
    Awesome architecture, I like the soft blue and so impressive tower.This place is beautiful and you show all lovely energy by your pictures.
    The interior is also breathtaking!

  2. The night shot is superbly beautiful ! Mosque Architecture is one of my favorite subjects ! Thanks for sharing the Pahang State Mosque !

  3. Your pictures bring out the beauty of the mosque, Duncan. The one with the flowers in the foreground and the night photo of the mosque look great!

  4. Great pictures Duncan.....good photo's.

  5. Hi Leia, it's a great building. Thanks for your appreciation!

    Angel, thanks, it's an awesome building!

    Wong and ordinary malaysian, thanks for your admiration of the night photo of the mosque - it's quite possibly the best photo I've ever snapped with a camera. There's a little story behind it. I was balancing the point-and-shoot camera on my bicycle seat with a small tripod, while my bike was standing on the field. I had a very nervous wait during the 30-second shutter speed to capture all the light. Luckily, everything kept still and it came out perfect!

  6. Great pictures honey! You cycled all the way there just to take a picture of the mosque at night. Turned out to be a stunning night picture. Well done!

  7. Que fotos más estupendas, me ha encantado conocer esta preciosa Mezquita. Es una maravilla!
    Un abrazo amigo.

  8. Hejsan Duncan
    Vilka enastående bilder du har lagt upp på moskén
    Den är riktigt lyxigt vacker med det ljusblå, beige och vita.
    Som ett fantastiskt bakverk mitt i den blommande havet.
    Du är så bra på att fota byggnader.
    Grattis till en underbar serie.jag gillar mörkerbilder. Den är riktigt bra.
    Kramizzzzz ha en mysig helg

  9. Absolutely incredible structure that mosque. Loved the penultimate photo, is my favourite.
    These photographs are sensational.

    Is Pahang a state of Malaysia like Texas in USA? Is Kuantan the capital like Austin Texas? Is the main language that one you tried to use when you toured the mosque? Is English language widespread there? See a lot of automobiles in the pictures, do they run on 87 octane lead-free or diesel? I'm starting to be a bother, sorry.

  10. Fidelia, it was well worth the ride!

    Thanks Joop, Elena and Lotta. It is a great structure. makes me feel like going there again and taking some more photos!

    Anthony, I appreciate your interest in this mosque and Malaysia. You are right about Kuantan and Pahang being like Austin and Texas. The official language is Bahasa Melayu, the one I tried to speak at the mosque, but English is widely used, (though not always correctly!) Most vehicles here run on Ron95, or diesel.

  11. Wonderful pictures! You've shown the majestic look the mosque holds, very impressive.
    Regarding the number 7, it does actually hold many -unsolved- mysteries in our religion, some researchers have even written books and articles about it. Here's an e-book by Dr. Abdeldaem alkaheel about the number 7 :

    Hope you find it useful.

  12. I'll be very interested to have a look at that link Assia, thanks a lot!


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