Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vistana Hotel's Gigantic Ice Kacang!

The Vistana Hotel in Kuantan must sell the biggest 'ice kacang' I have ever seen!

Ice kacang is a dessert including beans and jelly topped off with lots of ice shavings. Occasionally it may involve a scoop of ice-cream.

At the Coffee House at Vistana Hotel Kuantan we were absolutely amazed when my wife's order of ice kacang arrived!

How majestic does that look?! With a scoop of ice-cream on top as well! That is a real ice kacang!

Fidelia was sure happy with it!

And so began the task of getting a spoon in and eating the ice kacang without toppling it...

Fidelia removed the ice-cream onto a separate plate and started shaving the ice from the top down.

Fidelia changed to a more conventional spoon which made it easier to devour this monster of an ice kacang...

This is a 'longan', a fruit which is similar to a lychee but smaller. Ice kacangs may contain fruits, beans and jellies.

Fidelia is half-way through her ice kacang now...

The huge tower has disappeared. I wonder how much she can finish?

Fidelia stands behind her almost-finished ice kacang!

If you are in Kuantan and need a dessert, head over to the Vistana Hotel Coffee House and experience for yourself the mighty Vistana ice kacang!


  1. I got brain freeze just looking at it!

  2. Lol Missed Periods, it sure was a lot of ice for one sitting!

  3. Detta påminner mig om när vi var restaurang i våras och jag beställde glass till efterrätt.
    När den kom in höll vi på att dö för den var gjord i en kakform som man bakar sockerkaka i.Den hade säkert räckt till femton personer.
    Att din fru orkade få i sig så mycket,fattar jag inte
    Gott ser det ut i alla fall.
    Hon måste ha varit på gränsen till att spricka hahaha!!!!
    Ha en bra dag där borta.

  4. Hi Lotta, thanks for coming over! That sounds like quite a huge ice-cream dessert! The ice kacang is more filling than it looks :)

  5. Wow - Well done, the saying, I did not know whether to eat it or climb it, comes to mind.

    I agree with MP - Brain Freeze - not good with cold stuff, I suffer the most when i go to have Tuttie Fruttie yogurt ice cream.

    Blog looks good.

    Regards John in JB

  6. Beautiful series of photos, I love that kacang, had never seen anything like it.

  7. Gigantic indeed! I like ais kacang but I've never seen anything like that. Ais kacang, in my opinion, is best with the ice-cream melted together with the ice (the tower) but in this case, it's impossible to blend them together. But it looks really nice. Yummy :)

  8. Waow! That is some kacang!!! Fidelia did very well to eat so much of it. I think I would have been beaten well before that.

  9. That was so big that it took up the whole

  10. Hey John, appreciate your visit. It's definitely the tallest ice kacang I've ever seen. Think I'll bring my climbing equipment next time!

    Leovi, Angel, Diane and Anthony, I share your admiration for the Vistana ice kacang!

  11. That's the tallest ice kacang I think I have ever seen ! never mind tasting !

  12. Que delicia!! Envidia me daís!!
    Un abrazo.

  13. Wong, I agree! Amazing!

    Elena, come to Kuantan and get some for yourself!


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