Friday, November 25, 2011

Fidelia's Friday - Our lovely children!

Here are some recent pictures of our lovely children taken this week. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

At Vistana Hotel, Kuantan

Leah sitting down by herself

They just love each other so much!

Which one is your favourite picture?


  1. So Sweet! Love the second one, the girls look to have an amazing funny time. It's unbelievable how Leah is growing so fast!
    Have a wonderful week-end.

  2. hI Fidelia. Beautiful photos of your two beautiful little girls. What blessings they are. I can't believe how little Leah is growing. Look at her sitting up all by herself. My favourite has to be the two of them giggling away in the last photo. Beautiful! Have a lovely weekend.

  3. I love the last one! such lovely sisters!~ <3

  4. I choose the second one with the side ways pose but all are precious. Thanks for allowing us to see.

  5. Thank you to all for your comments. Leah really is getting heavy and growing bigger! Our two daughters love each other so much!

  6. My spouse Kathy,the Education Tipster likes the second picture the most and I like the last one.
    Hard to choose because they all are so beautiful.
    You are a blessed man.

  7. Yes I am very blessed Anthony! Thanks for visiting.


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