Friday, November 4, 2011

Fidelia's Friday - Fancy a snail?!

When we went food shopping last Wednesday, I found one of my favourite foods that can only be found occasionally in this supermarket called Tunas Manja. Even though it wasn't on our list, I  quickly grabbed it and put it in our trolley. 

So, our dinner menu for that night had changed! Instead of cooking some squid, I chose to cook some lovely snails.

I cooked it the way my dad always does. I chopped some onions, garlic and ginger and fried them all in a wok. When the smell of the onion started to fill the air, I quickly put the snails in. I then splashed a good amount of soy sauce and a few spoons of sugar. Next, I added some water. I let it simmer for a good 10 minutes and TADAAAA!!! It was all ready to eat! Yummy!

Here are a couple of photos of the nice looking snails. Enjoy!

If you are wondering how it looks inside, here it is...

Have you ever eaten snails? What is the weirdest food that you have eaten?


  1. No I don't fancy a snail at all! But I'm glad you've found your delicacy!

  2. I really like snails. In Spain is a very typical dish and even sold in jars of preserves. Actually I think I've eaten a few weird things.

  3. Yes, once in France and I liked a lot!
    Léia :)

  4. Brrrr Jag har dem hellre och modeller framför kameran hahaha!!!!
    Jag trodde det var chokladpraliner först. De liknar såna som finns i chokladaskar...
    Kramizzzz på dig och mysig helg!!!!

  5. We eat snails in France too in a very nice Garlic sauce. So I share your enthusiasm.
    The weirdest thing I ate was in England and is called Marmite - I have an awful memory of it!

  6. Small snails and clams are delicious anyhow you cook them. Dipped in light soy sauce and sliced chili padi - even more yummy! Your cooked snails looked delicious too!

  7. Sorry Fie, but YUCK!!

  8. I ate once in KL, and I loved it so much!

  9. I don't care for snails, their look turns me off, although I love clams and raw oystersut.
    Wierdness is hard to define. Some people detest my love of brislings, or my sauerkraut dish. I cannot stand tripe. I love to flavour beans with ham hocks but cannot eat them.
    I am very finicky eater.

    My best to your family.

  10. Hi Duncan, it is Saturday AM here in NC and my wife, Rocky & I are vacationing at the beach. I'll admit that I have never been brave enough to even try to eat a snail but know that I should at least try them some day. I guess the weirdest thing I have eaten is probably pigs testicals or even their brains. Come to think of it my sister & I used to fight over who would get to eat the brains of a squirrel that I or my father had killed. They are kind of nutty tasting and I really miss that. Have a great weekend.

  11. Glad you enjoyed those snails but I couldn't eat anything like that. I'm such a careful eater. The slightest thing upsets my tummy. I'm still suffering from our week away in Jerusalem.

  12. I have tried snails but would not eat them from choice. In China last year we ate chickens feet, that was not not a great experience either!

  13. Thanks to all for these interesting comments regarding snails and a variety of other foods! I must admit the pigs testicles from Odie made me laugh!


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