Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A gecko encounter

My wife is terrified of geckos, which belong to the lizard family. We had a gecko in our kitchen recently and we had a lot of trouble trying to get it out the house. Here is our struggle in pictures:

Look at the remarkable suction power of its feet!

I scooped up the gecko with a cornflakes box but it tried to escape...

So I carefully moved the cornflakes box outside to the balcony...

Then the gecko gladly posed for a beautiful picture!

With some gentle persuasion, the gecko crawled over the edge of the balcony

The gecko attempted to crawl back up the wall...

But it fell off.


I sprayed water on it and it fell!

The gecko was remarkably fine and soon crawled off somewhere!


  1. All I can say is YYYYYYYUCKSSSSSSSSS! Thank you and good night!!!

  2. the picture of the gecko smiling is EPIC!! but u may wan to catch 1 to be ur pet~

  3. We just call it lizard. But yes, gecko is a genus of lizards. And they can be a nuisance, but they are quite efficient in keeping the population of pesky bugs and mosquitoes down. That pose of the lizard with its mouth open looks cute.

  4. I wouldn't want one of those in my kitchen either, Duncan!! I so love the photo when he is outside on the cornflake box, and almost seems to be smiling for the camera! LOL!! Hope all is well with you, Fidelia and the girls.

  5. Hi Duncan,
    You've made a simple story sound so interesting..I don't like geckos too!!

  6. Thanks Fidelia, I know you hate them!

    Thanks Elijah, I do love that pic, though not sure about keeping one as a pet. Anyway, we've had geckos constantly in our house for the last 5 years, so they are like pets!

    ordinary malaysian and Diane, the gecko sure does look cute with that smiling face!
    Diane, we are all doing well and are in good health :)

  7. For some reason I am not repulsed by geckos. There is an automobile insurance company in USA called GEICO that uses an animated gecko in its ads, It talks with an Australian accent.
    I had a gecko in the house here twice. Like yourself I used cardboard to scoop up and return to out-of-doors.
    That pose pic with the mouth open is precious.
    Thank You.

  8. Whirlwind, thanks for coming over. So glad you enjoyed the post despite your dislike of geckos!

  9. Anthony, after snapping that lovely smiling gecko picture, I love them! It's funny when animals are "humanified" like in that ad you spoke about, we have no fear of them and take quite a liking to them! Thanks for coming over!

  10. Looks like you had some difficulties to keep this gecko out! Apart the fact Fidelia does not like them, the way you write the story is perfect! Had a great time and love your photos!


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