Monday, November 21, 2011

Kuantan roads - Part 1

Before I begin with Part 1 of my little documentary on Kuantan roads, I want to inform you of a little milestone I have reached.

This post right here is the 600th of my blog's existence! It seems to have gone by in a blur and I'm amazed that I've so far come up with 600 posts about my life in Kuantan.

I often walk the roads in Kuantan, or more particularly, the roads in the Bukit Sekilau area of Kuantan in which I live. 

I love photographing nature, and that is abundant along the roads of Bukit Sekilau, the pleasant village where we've been living for over 5 years.

The collection starts here . . . 

One of my favourite views in Bukit Sekilau

Is there a favourite road where you live? Why do you love seeing it over and over again?


  1. Not near where I live, but my favourite road is the one of my old home. Nothing of significance, no pretty flowers sprouting everywhere, but every time we turned into our road, it was home. And I loved home.

    Ninja-ing my way through life

  2. It looks a peaceful, pleasant place! My favourite roads are the mud roads in the mountaineous area, where we have a little log cabin.

  3. Lovely views and fabulous flowers. I can't think of a favourite road in Leicester. As you may remember, it's all a bit built up and busy.

  4. Hej Dunkan...
    De var riktigt mysigt med en promenad nere hos dig. Jag älskar bouganvilla.Här uppe i norden har vi bara små i kruka inomhus
    Det är mycket konstverk på era väggar också ser jag.Grafitti finns visst överallt.
    Bilderna är supervackra i svartvitt också.
    Kul med två varianter.
    Ha en fortsatt fin vecka.

  5. Duncan there is a stretch of road on the interstate (95) that when you round a curve you can see a water tower shaped like a huge golf ball sitting on a tee that is 2 miles from our exit. After being away when we see that water tower we get that great feeling of home. Loved your photos very much.

  6. Yes, Michelle and Odie, roads that remind us of home are always nice. We experienced the same feeling in Kuching when familiar roads leading to Fidelia's childhood home brought back the memories of home.

    Rosalind, I know it's hard to find a road in Leicester which produces such feelings. Although Unity Road in my village of Glenfield brings back lots of memories as it's the last turn before my street.

    Traveling Hawk, I'm sure roads up in those mountains would have some beautiful scenery!

    Lotta, thanks for coming over! The week is going very well so far!


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