Friday, November 18, 2011

Fidelia's Friday - Birthday Party at Kuantan Curry House

We were invited to a surprise birthday party last night at Kuantan Curry House. We enjoyed the food and the warm atmosphere there!

Here are some pictures Duncan took.

Lovely fruit punch

Beautiful view of the restaurant

Nice painting on the wall


Lamb or beef ribs (I don't know but it was DELICIOUS)

Some kind of colourful rice

This fried chicken tasted like heaven. Lauren couldn't stop eating it!

Chili chick peas on the left and grilled glutinous rice with fish inside on the right

Some kind of vegetable salad

The birthday lady in the middle looking very surprised!

Birthday lady and Leah

Our dessert... yummy!

The cake is just gorgeous and delicious!

Our chef and the owner of the restaurant and his mother

Thanks for inviting us! 

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  1. How great to be invited to share such tasty looking food!

  2. How big is Leah already! Cute girls!

  3. Lovely pictures and it all looked so delicious. Thanks for allowing us to share by seeing all the happy people celebrating her birthday. Have a great weekend.

  4. Thanks Linda, Traveling Hawk, Odie and Anna. The food was great, and yes Anna, she looks remarkably young!


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