Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vistana Hotel - Behind-the-scenes

Today I'm taking you behind-the-scenes at the Vistana Hotel Kuantan.

These are places in a hotel the usual guest never gets to see, but which, accompanied by Hotel Manager Wayne Lee, I had the privilege of exploring.

All of the behind-the-scenes action at Vistana Hotel Kuantan takes place in the basement. Staff offices, canteen, uniform room, laundry room and so on, are all down under the hotel.

Here is the workspace of the Front Office. These people deal with all the email reservations and telephone enquiries

This is the Hotel Manager, Wayne Lee's office. He was kind enough to let Lauren sit in his chair!

Lauren may just be the future Vistana Hotel Manager!

Here is a self-portrait of Nadia Bertrand. She has hung on the walls of Vistana Hotel, numerous paintings she worked on here for 5 months earlier this year. Everywhere you look, Nadia's work can be seen. Her blog is Have a quick look at her abstract work she has been doing all around Asia.

The staff canteen

Staff uniform room

Bedsheets fall down into the laundry room from the chute

The laundry room was the most interesting place behind-the-scenes for me. The piles of laundry, the night shift workers, the huge washing machines and steam dryer, the professionalism required to work in the laundry room.

Here is the laundry room at 10pm, just as the night shift begins:

Look at those piles of laundry reaching over 2 metres high!

Wayne explained everything to me. This washing machine comes at a price of RM200,000 and has a life of 15 years. It is capable of washing a load of 60kg! Wow! And I thought we sometimes had big laundry jobs!

Here's a look at the chemicals which are fed into the washing machines, different ones for different types of washes. It was all quite amazing to me. The laundry workers really know what they are doing and are prepared for any accident that may occur with these chemicals. Engineers are often in the laundry room to check the chemicals and the washing machines

And here is the steam dryer. Bedsheets are fed into this machine and come out the other side hot and crease-free! 

Amy is the good member of staff who escorted us down to the laundry room at 10pm and took this picture of us. It was really warm and gripping down here and after 10 minutes Lauren was already too hot!


  1. Beautiful pictures, I really like this theme story of a hotel parties that are not in view of the host. Very interesting.

  2. I must say the staff of the hotel is really friendly, the laundry room gives me the creeps !

  3. That place is the Laundry Room aka Sauna. It's quite hot even with the A/C full blast! LOL

  4. It is nice to meet everyone and see the workplace Duncan. Interestingly, you might like to visit the blog of London Caller. He is from Malaysia, but living in the UK. He has loads of personality and is fun to visit.

  5. Great this report, the other side of the big hotels and the most important. A hug friend!

  6. It's an interesting side of the hotel work. There, people unknown by the clients, work long hours in order that the client sould be pleased! We have to thank them.

  7. Thanks for the backroom tour of how a hotel operates.

  8. Those are the biggest washers I have ever seen!! Have a great Friday!

  9. Thank you for the comments! It was a very unique and interesting experience going behind-the-scenes. Remember, a hotel is only as good as its staff!


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