Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kuantan roads - Part 4

Welcome to Kuantan roads - Part 4, the final installment. It's always great photographing scenes of nature during hot, clear, blue-sky days. There is no need for the flash, and instead, the camera captures all the natural light as it falls down from above.

The photos today show roads in Bukit Sekilau, Kuantan, under the most glorious of skies and soaked in mid-afternoon heat. These are the roads I love to walk when I have a bit of free time. This week, you've been able to walk them with me from the comfort of your own homes. Hope you enjoyed it!

This is a miniature pineapple. It doesn't grow any bigger than this. Fantastic little thing isn't it?!

Loved this heart shape leaf

The dashing blue sky was too good to miss!

Looks pretty good in black and white too

These grassy plants decorate the roadside in Bukit Sekilau, Kuantan

Photographing roads can be very tricky if there is no supporting cast either side. Thanks to nature for filling in and beautifying each photo!


  1. Loved the pictures. The light in the pictures is beautiful. :-)

  2. I've never seen a real live pineapple growing before, I never even knew they grew like that. Lovely picture.

  3. Hi Misha, thanks for visiting! The pure sunlight really makes for good pictures :)

    Mum, this picture is of a miniature pineapple - it only grows to this small size. Larger, edible pineapples are also growing along the roads but on the floor in a basin of leaves.

  4. Even if I have no idea what it is, I like the red flower.

  5. You are an artist with a camera Duncan and add so much pleasure to our blog time. Thanks

  6. Hi Duncan,

    I thought your stories and pictures of Kuantan are superb!:) My family and I love spending our short holidays over in Kuantan..its very calming and we enjoy the food so much! We are in fact planning to go there tomorrow..but a little worried about the weather. How is it over there these past few days?

  7. Excellent photographs. I like that you shared both color and b&w versions.

  8. As usual these are fascinating photos.

  9. Thanks fie, traveling hawk, randy and anthony, i appreciate ur visits!
    Thanks odie, you are very generous!
    Liana thanks so much! Its not much fun in kuantan right now as we are in the middle of the rainy season.

  10. Duncan, thanks for the enjoyable virtual stroll in colour and black and white. I have just started yet another project, a separate photography blog!

  11. Hi Linda, you're sure keeping yourself busy! I've been over to have a look.


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