Saturday, November 19, 2011

Blog Flashbacks

A year ago to the day I witnessed a lovely sunrise when I woke up inadvertently early, way before my alarm. I was so glad I did! Not only did I see a beautiful event in the skies, I also learned some life lessons which I couldn't have gained had I rolled over and gone back to sleep.

I remember well back in November of 2009 I created a large Geography quiz spanning over 60 questions. It was a good test. Here I posted some starter questions. Click the link, and see how many you can answer!


  1. I did it! I knew all the answers:) Which means my geography professors during the time, and my own travels and readings left a trace in my memory.

  2. Good luck with the quiz Michelle!

    Traveling Hawk, thanks for giving the quiz a try and it's good to hear you passed it!

    Thanks Randy!


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