Friday, November 11, 2011

Fidelia's Friday - Our Christmas tree is up!

It's our own family tradition to put our Christmas tree up on the first week of November. 

I am always excited when it comes to putting the tree up. Since Lauren is a lot older now, she helped me with the decorations. Thank you my dear Lauren for your lovely help!

Lauren can't wait for Christmas Day because she has all the things she wants for Christmas written down, starting from the beginning of this year. We will try our best to get all the things with one condition. She has to be a good girl!

Here are some photos taken by Duncan. Enjoy!

I was thinking to buy a big tree this year but I realise Leah is going to crawl soon and I don't think she will be able to keep herself away from the tree. A small tree will do. Easier to decorate!

On Christmas Day, we normally have roast chicken and potatoes. We can't  wait to have that again!

How do your celebrate your Christmas? Please share with us. Who knows we can also do the same thing if it sounds fun!

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  1. I love the warm ambience of the Christmas lights in the dark. That's a lovely tradition, thanks for sharing it with us.

    Ninja-ing my way through life

  2. Thanks Michelle, it's such a cosy and warm atmosphere with these lights on every night!

  3. We are decorating the tree at Christmas Eve, Dec., 24. The gifts are under the tree by then. On Christmas day, we eat also chicken soup with hand made noodles, roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, and a festive cake. We also love to have the tree lit the house every evening. We will dismantle it after January, 6.

    After Romania's transition to "capitalism", they started to bring all the decorations in the supermarket beginning with the end of October. I find this is destroying tradition and also spoil all the mistery for the children. December is a month of joy, which should start with St. Nicholas day, on the 6th., then continue with Christmas, 24-26. This is tradition by calendar and church.

    My son lives in Canada for 16 years already, and they also have their Christmas tree on November.

  4. Your Christmas tree is beautiful, warm colours and lights. Always love to discover other people and culture traditions.

    I don't put the Christmas tree before December really and we celebrate on Christmas eve with Foie Gras, a roast and vegetables, and for dessert a Buche! (Typical French)

  5. Wow, how exciting to have your Christmas tree up already. Doesn't it look pretty. I always love the Christmas lights. Lauren did a good job of helping you with the decorations. She is a lovely age now for Christmas, isn't she? Enjoy your weekend.

  6. A stunning tree, Duncan, and stunning decorations! I love stopping by your place and seeing the gorgeous photographs of a place I'll never experience except through them.

    I agree with Traveling Hawk's comment. "Capitalism" has undermined tradition. But we can keep away from it in our own homes.
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets

  7. How time flies! Soon, Christmas will be upon us. The Christmas tree and decorations and the pictures bring the spirit of the festival alive. I love roast turkey but hardly get to enjoy it. It's quite expensive here and sometimes not nicely done and the meat can be rubbery. Though I am not a Christian, I do enjoy the spirit of the holy day. And of course the Christmas songs are nice, especially Holy Night when sang at the stroke of midnite on a cold night. I guess it is not the same for you Duncan, celebrating Christmas in Malaysia.

  8. We usually travel 45 miles to our daughters house on the 24th. Then we drive to relatives and have a party with lots of good eats. Then presents are handed out and the children love this.

    Then our daughter, son-in-law and us go back and sleep over. The next day we hang around open presents we share and then have a dinner of roast turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans, broccoli, apple pie, pumpkin pie and beverages.

    It's a very happy time, although our grandson is a Marine stationed in California and cannot come home to Georgia (USA) for Christmas.

    Your tree looks great, that sweet Lauren did a wonderful job helping you.
    Duncan, I hope you and the girls have the most joyuous Christmas ever.

  9. To all who have commented: I have enjoyed reading your comments and views on Christmas and 'capitalism'. Thank you for those who have wished us a good Christmas in advance.

    Now, I must get cracking with my annual Christmas poem...


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