Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vistana Hotel Children's Playground

Located behind Vistana Hotel Kuantan lies a lovely children's playground.

The playground is beside a river which runs behind Vistana Hotel. It's accessible via a suspension bridge, which affords good views of the hotel, the river and the scenery of the surrounding area.

Lauren and I took a walk across the suspension bridge to the playground while we were staying at Vistana Hotel Kuantan.

Back view of the Vistana Hotel Kuantan

Lauren at the suspension bridge

On the bridge

View upstream from the suspension bridge

Vistana Hotel is still visible behind the trees

We arrive at the children's playground

Very impressive slides

Lauren looks down the tube, but didn't want to slide down it!

We spent some time on the see-saw...

So glad I took this picture, I love it!

Lovely view along the river. Kuantan's The Zenith Hotel can be seen in the distance


  1. I love the slides! I want to try that one day!

  2. Yes they are very nice, let's hope they stay that way!

  3. A nice place, and Lauren seems to enjoy a lot! This is a lovely photo, you and Lauren on the bridge.

  4. Your city dosen't want for anything - I noticed it is 32 degrees there at the moment - that's hot but I guess you become accustomed to it. How fortunate your daughters can grow up in such a beautiful enviroment.

  5. She looks cute on those sun glasses and I heard across the the River (from the hotel), there are some cheap and fine seafood at night !

  6. A delightful pictures, I like them all but my favorite is 02465, with that perspective pretty colors, stunning!. I like!. Have a Happy Halloween!

  7. A lovely place. Lauren sure is a cutie pie.

  8. Thanks Traveling Hawk, Lauren had a great time!

    Hi Dianne, thanks for coming over! Yes, Kuantan is a great place, we have everything we need close by, and it's great to raise our children here. The temperatures reach well into the 30's but now we are entering the rainy season. Today is particularly cool and gloomy!

    Hi Wong, I didn't notice any seafood for sale there. How did you find out about that?

    Hi Leovi, I was surprised that was your favourite picture. Just a shame Lauren didn't want to slide down it!

    Anthony, Kuantan is beautiful and that little park is a lovely addition to the river front.

  9. Lovely pictures! I like the pictures of the bridge and the views of the river and the distant.

  10. Hi ordinary malaysian, thank you for the comment! The river has become a very scenic little place and I think this is a great step forward for Kuantan.


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