Sunday, October 30, 2011

Images of Kuching

This is the final installment of images of Kuching. It's been great sharing our experiences in Kuching, my wife's hometown. Today is a collection of pictures that don't really fall into any specific category, but which I want to share with you to finish up Kuching's recent dominance of my blog!

Kuching International Airport

A man takes a break from work under a shady tree

A beautiful flower outside Twinny Two bridal place in Kuching

A stall at the aquarium in Kuching

Totem-pole sculpture at Sarawak Museum in Kuching

Two museums in Kuching linked by a bridge

A variety of savoury foods on offer in Kuching

Scene of nature by a set of traffic lights in Kuching

Buying 'Kolo Mee' at a stall in MJC, Kuching

View of Kuching skyline from car park at Wisma Saberkas. The tall building in the distance is Chong Lin Plaza, where I lived between 2003-2004

Roadside scene at RPR Batu Kawa Phase II, Kuching. Taken from Fidelia's childhood home!

Kuching skyline from Penview Hotel

The Spring shopping mall, Kuching

Fidelia and Leah inside The Spring shopping mall, Kuching

Farewell from Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia! Hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. Of course I enjoyed the tour! Thanks for sharing all these photos. I like the Amaryllis flower in this post.

  2. Looks like a great place to live and explore. Love that close up of the flower!

  3. As always Duncan, you have provided some stunning images for us to look at today of Kuching and, yes, I really enjoyed the show!

  4. Nice tour of Kuching and some nice pictures!

  5. I remember how you used to tell us you would order a taxi and say "Chong Lin Plaza!" Happy days.

  6. Hej Duncan
    Härliga bilder som vanligt.Jag blev så sugen när jag fick se bilden på allt naturgodis.Amaryllis är en blomma som vi alltid har nu på jul Det är snart dags att driva upp den Jag brukar ha massor i olika former och färger.
    Min älsklingsblomma vid den här årstiden.
    Ha det jättegott Kramizzzzzar
    Hälsa lilla söta familjen ifrån Sverige

  7. A great tour indeed. Thought I saw a Ford 1/2 ton pickup with a bonus cab in there, maybe not.
    Kolo Mee,is that some kind of noodle? like mee kreb?
    Great post, Thank You.

  8. Traveling Hawk and Lotta, thanks for identifying the Amaryllis flower for me! I love photographing flowers but never know what they're called!

    Thanks Randy and ordinary malaysian. When will I be seeing you two here?!

    Thanks Diane, you're such a loyal follower!

    Mum, I had completely forgotten about that! That brings back some very funny memories!

    Anthony, yes kolo mee is a kind of noodle with pork, tastes heavenly! Thanks for joining the tour!


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