Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Horne Family Blog

Today I'm sharing our new family blog with you.

We used to have a free website about our family but that has been outdated with content that we can't remove. So we figured a blog would be much better to interact with our friends, family and followers in an easier way.

Our family blog can be found at 

Here we'll be sharing all the things about our family and the growth of our children. You can also learn more about how we met, our engagement and wedding, and our life so far by clicking on the relevant pages just below the header.

Go over and have a look! 

There you'll be updated with the progress of our daughters and other family matters.

Thanks, and have a great Tuesday, whatever you're doing!


  1. Very Nice with lovely pictures of your little family - Will start reading it more often.
    Have a beautiful day!!

  2. Thanks Marie! Sending our greetings and well wishes to you!


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