Monday, October 10, 2011

Our stay at Vistana Hotel Kuantan

We had a lovely stay at Vistana Hotel Kuantan on 9th October, 2011. As I'm writing, we will be staying there for one extra night thanks to a hugely generous General Manager, Wayne Lee.

Wayne Lee is a mid-30's Vistana Hotel General Manager who has had no hesitation in providing us with a lovely room and services. What a pleasure it is to converse with and get to know him, along with other staff at Vistana Hotel Kuantan.

The Front Desk were warm in their greetings, calling me by name each time I saw them, and those who worked on the phones when I requested some particular room service. Very impressive indeed.

There are 6 floors at Vistana hotel, 5 of them comprising rooms. We were fortunate enough to be given a Deluxe Suite. Here are some images of the room:

The living area:

The bedroom:

And here is the swimming pool, reachable via the lobby or the Coffee House on the Ground Floor:

And so it came to night time. It's so calming for me to be standing in a hotel room and looking out at the lights and traffic below, watching the world go by. Here are some of the views firstly, from our hotel room window, and secondly, of the Vistana Hotel Kuantan as it appears lit up at night...

View of Kuantan traffic through the curtain

The moon shines above Vistana Hotel Kuantan

Finally, we enjoyed some lovely food from room service last night

We experienced great service, good food, and a lovely room at Vistana Hotel Kuantan, alongside "the best night's sleep in Kuantan" offered by the Vistana Hotel. Hoping for many more pleasant experiences there!


  1. Seems like a nice stay at a superb hotel. The night pics were quite amazing !
    Have a nice week!

  2. Looks like you're having a fantastic time. What a lovely hotel. You've been given the best of everything! Amazing!

  3. Wow Duncan that is a gorgeous place and I would feel like royalty just walking into a place like that. So glad you and your very beautiful family had a chance to spend some time there. Also, thanks for sharing.

  4. Very nice hotel, indeed. I loved the photos with the 2 children on the bed and Lauren at the pool.

  5. It all looks absolutely lovely Duncan, and I'm so pleased that you had such a good stay. Really wonderful to be looked after so well like that. What a huge bed! Not long now until you go on your trip to Kuchang!

  6. Duncan, as usual, some great pictures. I especially like the night view of Kuantan from the window - the one with the glass window half framed in the picture. Must have been a great two nights stay there for you and family!

  7. Hallå där.
    Vilka fantastiska bilder på ett otroligt vackert hotell och så gott det ser ut med maten.
    Du är helt suverän på att fota Duncan och vilken härlig familj du har.
    Kramizzzar // Lotta

  8. Hello cute little Duncans ! indeed a nice hotel, the one in Penang does not look that good !

  9. Hi mum, we were very fortunate indeed to be treated so well!

    Thanks Lasse, Odie, Traveling Hawk, Diane, ordinary malaysian, Lotta and Wong. It's lovely to receive your comments.

    Wong, you better come down to Kuantan some time!


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