Friday, October 28, 2011

Fidelia's Friday - Great trip

We finally went back to Kuching on 12th October 2011. We stayed there for 7 days. It went by very fast for us.

Kuching City, looking down from the plane...

When we reached home, my three sisters, Felicia, Florianna and Florina were there to greet us. My grandma (my dad's mum) finally was able to meet her English/Iban great grandchildren. She wasn't aware of our second daughter, Leah. Nobody told her that I gave birth to the second one. So, she was like "Whose baby is this then?" Oh, bless her!

Our grandma with her granddaughters and great granddaughters...

The first day was just a rest day for us. My dad cooked us lovely dinner! He is a very talented cook. He has been cooking for us since we were born even until now.

Home sweet home...

The second day was a busy one. We had to do all the preparation needed for the reception. After our dinner at home, my dad took us to Kuching Riverfront

Kuching Waterfront

The third day was a Friday. My dad took a day off work so he could take us to Damai Beach Resort. Before we headed to the beach, we went to Sarawak Museum. At night, we double checked the list for the reception and packed our stuff for a one night stay at Penview Hotel.

Damai Beach

The fourth day was THE BIG DAY for my sister, Felicia and for all of us. We enjoyed ourselves. We sang along with our dad when he sang "Only You". I had to go up to the room early because it was too noisy for Lauren. Leah was being such a good baby! She didn't cry even when people were passing her around like "pass the parcel" game.

Singing with our dad

The fifth day was not a good day for us. When we were about to check out we discovered that Felicia's jewellery box which she borrowed from the bridal shop was stolen from our room. It was there before we all went down for breakfast. It must have been stolen while we were not in the room. The hotel staff didn't seem to care and told us we must have misplaced it and insisted it wasn't the hotel or the housekeepers' fault. My sister had to pay RM500 for it! We were not satisfied with the hotel at all.

Penview Hotel, Kuching

Anyway, let us move on to our sixth day. My sister, Florianna flew back to Johor in the morning. We went to MJC, a place not far from my house to get some lunch. Of course we ordered Kolo Mee. My favourite noodle of all time. We also went to Sunny Hill to buy the best home-made ice-cream in Kuching.

This is where we bought our Kolo Mee...

Kuching Kolo Mee... yummy!

Sunny Hill Ice-cream...

On our last day in Kuching we went to Wisma Saberkas to meet a couple of my university friends. We went to my all time favourite restaurant called ALL JOY! They have the best ginger chicken ever. Our flight was at night and before we boarded the plane, we met my ex-classmate to give her DSLR camera back and she bought some chocolate for Lauren. 

ALL JOY Restaurant...

We really had a good trip! We are now looking forward to the next trip back to my home. 



  1. What a lovely account of these days! The first photo with your grandma is just so precious and beautiful. It is always a moment of pure joy to see many generations together.
    Have a blessed Friday.

  2. Lovely summary of our Kuching trip! Fidelia's Friday is great!

  3. Wow! A nice post about Sarawak. :)

    I would love to visit there one day. Never been there although Kuching is only next to Sabah. :)


  4. Yes Duncan I can see the happiness on her face. It is a beautiful spot but like you said there is no place like home. Traveling is fun but there is something about seeing that you are nearing home on the way back. Have a great weekend.

  5. Oh, I do miss the "Kolo Mee" ... You are blessed with a beautiful family !

  6. Great series of photos, fun and full of tenderness. Really they look very happy.

  7. Wished people wouldn't take what is not theirs. The theft of the jewellery must have spoiled an otherwise happy time back in your hometown, especially with your sister's wedding. But like you said, home sweet home!

  8. Marie, we love the generations photo too!

    Meitzeu, thanks for visiting. You should go to Kuching some time!

    Odie, thanks and yes, home always brings a lovely feeling :)

    Thanks Wong! The kolo mee is divine, we miss it a lot already!

    Thank you Leovi, we did have a lovely time with our family!

    ordinary malaysian, it was a spoiler. Oh well, we won't ever be staying at that hotel again. I've also made a complaint about the theft.


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