Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kuching Riverfront

A visit to the Kuching riverfront is always best at night. That's when the lights of the city are visible and it's beauty clearly displayed.

I spent some time photographing a few scenes at the Kuching riverfront one night. Hope you enjoy!

Lauren sits for a picture with her aunty, Florianna

This is a fairly new addition to the riverfront scenery. It is named the DUN (Dewan Undangan Negeri), or in English, State Assembly

Here is a picture of Fort Margherita across the river. This was built by James Brooke for his wife Margherita. James Brooke was Sarawak's first 'White Rajah' or King. He reigned for 25 years from 1842 to 1868. Fort Margherita is now a police museum.

Close-up of the DUN

Looking along the Kuching River towards the illuminated town area. The rectangular Hilton Hotel stands prominently at the riverfront

The cruise boat docks by the promenade

The Sarawak river cruise is a lovely attraction. My wife and I went on the cruise when we were just married, giving scenic views along the river.


  1. These are very nice night images, Duncan. Lauren has already the characteristics of a diva! She is very cute.

  2. Great pictures Duncan..... lovely lights...... the first one is lovely

    Greetings, Joop

  3. TH, you're not the first one to describe Lauren as a 'diva'!

    Thank you Odie and Joop!


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