Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hai Tian Restaurant, Kuantan

Our friends brought us to Hai Tian restaurant a few weeks back and as it was our first time there, I didn't know what to expect and wondered if I would enjoy the meal.

These thoughts were on my mind as we walked in to the restaurant and took our seats at a round table in the non-smoking area, a separate closed room with glass windows.

Hai Tian restaurant sits just across the road from M. S. Garden Hotel, behind the nearby shop lots and petrol station.

Non-smoking room at Hai Tian restaurant

The girls played on the stage while waiting for the food!

When the food arrived I was excited as it looked so good. And from the first mouthful to the last, I was thrilled with the taste. Easy to eat and incredibly delicious! We ordered a number of side dishes including: sweet and sour chicken, mixed vege, fish, crab and the house speciality of prawns in a coconut shell.

The drinks were up first. Pictured is the "cincau" drink

My personal favourite, sweet and sour chicken

Mixed vege dish


Fish. The soup is particularly nice too

Hai Tian restaurant special - curry prawns in a coconut shell

A great meal finished!

Need a tissue, but don't want them getting in the way on a full table? Just stick the whole box on the wall!

Had to laugh at the sign for the toilet - "boy"!

A great restaurant with delicious food, you may end up asking for extra rice! Definitely a restaurant to return to!


  1. That table looks filled with dishes - did you eat it all, or take some home? Do you take leftovers home in Malaysia, or is that an American thing?

  2. The girls are having fun on stage. Love Leah's dress swooshing out around her. Wondering why Lauren is eating Pringles with all that delicious food around??

  3. Joein Vegas, we actually took some of the crab home as they gave us a large portion. Yes, in Malaysia we often ask to take away food we can't finish.

    Joanna, Lauren....she just doesn't eat particularly well if it's not home food. So she brings some alternatives when we eat out :)

  4. I loved the curry prawns and the chili crabs! Yummy! :D


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