Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Frankie Sandwich Cafe

Frankie Sandwich Cafe is located in Star City, Kuantan nearby Old Town White Coffee, just along the road from the Rozel furniture place. It's easily accessible from Jalan Beserah.

View inside Frankie Sandwich Cafe, Star City, Kuantan

First impression was good as we walked through the doors of Frankie Sandwich Cafe. The restaurant is clean, tidy and nicely arranged. Service was quick, though that was probably because we were just the second customer there.

As you can see from these menus, Frankie Sandwich Cafe is quite pricey but there is a wide variety of dishes on offer. I opted for the Frankie Tripledecker Sandwich and a regular hot chocolate.

Frankie, the owner of Frankie Sandwich Cafe, came to assist us with our order and serving us our food, though he shied away from having his photo taken for this post!

hot chocolate (regular)

This was a side dish of mashed potato with a delicious layer of melted cheese

I was really surprised at just how big my Tripledecker Sandwich was! It was very filling!

Grace went for this sandwich on a different, thicker bread

Fie chose this noodle dish, though it was made of simple instant noodles which you can pick up very cheaply at any superstore

And finally, the toilet. I do pass a large portion of judgement about a place on the quality and cleanliness of its toilet. Frankie Sandwich Cafe's toilet is clean and spacious and passes the toilet test!

Overall, Frankie Sandwich Cafe is a great place to eat but a little on the costly side - our bill came to RM107! - but well worth a visit for his sandwiches and the nice atmosphere.


  1. As long as you felt it was worth it . . .

  2. I was disappointed with the fried noodles! Wasn't fried at all. Instead, it was instant noodles! Haiya!


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