Monday, August 19, 2013

Bukit Gambang Safari Park

Bukit Gambang Safari Park has many interesting animals to see but at the date of publication (August 2013) is not yet completed, with many animals still to arrive.

Located in Gambang, around 35km from Kuantan, it can be found by continuing straight on the old road to KL from Kuantan after the turn-off to the Gambang toll. Bukit Gambang cannot be missed on the right, where the Water Park and Safari Park are a short distance inside.

Inside Bukit Gambang Safari Park, a long queue forms for the buses for the Night Safari

We immediately went up to the second floor, where the restaurant is located, and where the lions hang out behind a wall of glass.

Two lions doze on a rock at Bukit Gambang Safari Park

From the Second Floor, there are also other animals to see including turkeys, rabbits, snakes and horses, as well as the theatre where the night performance is held. More of the lions later.

Posing for a photo at Bukit Gambang Safari Park

A llama

This snake can stand up taller than me!

A squirrel eats sweetcorn

One of my favourite animals - the meerkat. They just couldn't keep still!

Look at the neck on that turkey!

Sharmayne and Lauren relax on a swing

A beautiful horse at Bukit Gambang Safari Park

In the afternoon, we got to hold a baby crocodile and the large snake from earlier in the post. A proud moment for me!

Fidelia holding the baby crocodile

I loved this moment holding the baby crocodile. Lauren and Sharmayne seemed pretty excited behind me too :)

And here we are with the snake!

The male lion watches people eating in the restaurant

A sheet of glass separates man from beast at Bukit Gambang Safari Park

The lion yawns on a lazy Sunday afternoon
Unfortunately the auto focus on my camera malfunctioned shortly after these pictures of the lions were taken. We did take the 30-minute bus ride for the Night Safari, but it was near impossible to snap any decent photos as the bus rarely stopped and the windows were dirty. We very briefly saw some giraffes, elephants, ostriches and tigers.

Later at night we watched the night performance of Tarzan which the children enjoyed but I didn't find it funny at all and thought it was rather rubbish. The fire performance afterwards was much better. We stood and watched some guys play with and swallow fire. 

Overall it was a nice day out. Will I go there again? I don't know. Perhaps when it is fully completed and all the animals are there, we might pay another visit.


  1. The lion looks bored. Alas, I would not have made it too far if I saw that snake I would have been running out of the park.

  2. Bonjour Joop !!!

    Wouhhaaaouuu !!!! C'est génial d'être allé avec ta petite famille au Bukit Gambang Safari Park !!!!
    Les animaux sont beaux !!!
    Le serpent qui se dresse est très impressionnant !!!!
    Les crocodiles et le python dans vos mains ... wouhhaaaouuu ! EXTRA !

    Bises et bonne continuation Duncan ! Merci pour ce partage !

  3. That place looks like one I would absolutely LOVE to see first-hand! Thanks so much for sharing these photos. I especially liked seeing the standing snake and the lions up so close. Our zoo has a eating plaza right next to an open lion exhibit so people can watch them while they eat. Your girls were cute in the snake holding pics!

  4. Very good shots Duncan.....nice to see.

    Greetings from Holland, Joop

  5. You guys are brave, I think I wouldn't face the serpent! :)
    Wonderful images, you have such a beautiful family!

  6. Very funny, I love animals! Nice photos!

  7. Gosh you guys are braver than I..snakes and crocs, eeew ! Looks like a fun family outing Duncan.

  8. Another interesting attaction for Kuantan.

  9. Seems to be a nice place to spend some time!

    Lovely captures all!!!

  10. Oh dear! The pic of the snake standing is scary!

  11. Dear Mr. Duncan!

    On behalf of Bukit Gambang Resort City & Bukit Gambang Safari Park, I would like to express our greatest gratitude for writing a great blog with such awesome shots!

    Unfortunately you are not able to take some shots for the Wild Savannah where you ride in the tram. As that day was really a peak for the park, can see from your photo it was a very long queue waiting for the tram to go into Wild Savannah.

    But no worries, when we are about to have our official launching of the safari park, we will surely extend the invitation to you and your family to have another tour of the whole safari park.

    Thank you once again, Mr. Duncan!

    Zoe Soo
    Senior Executive, Marketing & Communications
    Bukit Gambang Resort City (BGRC)
    Kuala Lumpur Sales Office (KLSO)
    56 & 58 Jalan Dagang SB 4/2
    Taman Sg Besi Indah
    43300 Seri Kembangan Selangor DE
    Tel : (603) 8941 9898
    Fax : (603) 8941 4849
    Email :
    Website :

  12. Looks like the girls liked the animals.


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