Friday, August 2, 2013

Our stay at Majestic Hotel KL - Part 2

In Part 1 of our stay at Majestic Hotel KL, I showed you around our junior suite. We really loved our room and spent most of our time in it. If you missed Part 1, you can click the following link to check it out:

For today, we'll look at some of the attractions from the lobby up to the 4th floor. These are the more public areas of the hotel where guests can wander around and appreciate the beauty.

Lauren gazes at the chandelier hanging over the lobby from the 2nd floor at Majestic Hotel KL

Following are some images of the iconic chandelier which hangs from the 2nd floor directly above the lobby:

Looking directly up at the chandelier over the lobby at Majestic Hotel KL

The 2nd floor chandelier looks like an inverted pyramid, Majestic Hotel KL

The third floor is full of meeting rooms. Here is a view of a hallway there:

Another corridor at the guest rooms, Majestic Hotel KL

Block of elevators at Majestic Hotel KL

Advertisement messages appear on a small screen inside elevators at Majestic Hotel KL

Lauren sits comfortably on a sofa in the lobby at Majestic Hotel KL

The gents toilet on the 2nd floor at Majestic Hotel KL. I always judge a place by the quality and cleanliness of its toilets - no problem here!

Orchids are a common occurrence at Majestic Hotel, as can be seen in the toilet (above), in the rooms, and also in the beautiful Orchid Room. The Orchid Room is located on the 2nd floor, between the Majestic Wing and the Tower Wing. The doors are locked and it can be rented out for the afternoon.

The gorgeous Orchid Room at Majestic Hotel KL

Majestic Hotel KL's Orchid Room

In the Tea Lounge at Majestic Hotel hangs these beautiful lights over a piano, enshrouded in a golden dome

Lauren sits in a chair near the entrance to the Majestic Wing

Entrance to the Grand Ballroom on the 2nd floor at Majestic Hotel KL

The Grand Ballroom, Majestic Hotel KL

Lighting in the Grand Ballroom, Majestic Hotel KL

The 4th floor is home to the gym, swimming pool and rooftop garden.

Lift some weights at the gym on the 4th floor at Majestic Hotel KL

View of the swimming pool at Majestic Hotel KL

Fidelia, Lauren and Leah having fun in the pool, Majestic Hotel KL

Here are a couple of views of the rooftop garden:

Spotted the KL Tower from the rooftop garden at Majestic Hotel KL

The Majestic Spa sits by the entrance to the Majestic Wing

Well, there's plenty to see at Majestic Hotel. Hope you enjoyed those photos. The next post - Part 3 - will look at the hotel exterior and the signboards around the hotel.


  1. What a fantastic hotel - it looks so luxurious.

  2. Yes, pretty pictures, really awesome! Beautiful and huge lamps ...!

  3. It looks like all your girls had a wonderful time. It is a beautiful hotel and a great spot to be spoiled. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

  4. That chandelier is the first one I've ever seen that looks a little like the main one in the London Temple. Fabulous photos of an amazing hotel.

  5. It is a nice looking place - very classy

  6. I could use a place like that right now.

  7. Great compositions with the lobby chandelier!


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