Monday, August 5, 2013

Our stay at Majestic Hotel - Part 5 - Signs

Welcome to the 5th part of our stay at Majestic Hotel KL. When I go places, I tend to notice the little details and at times kind of become obsessed with them. This post features the various signs around Majestic Hotel directing guests and visitors to certain places.

I love the simplicity of the signs and the font. Very fetching!

It's all in the details . . .

I love Majestic Hotel KL, including the little details!


  1. Yes, these signs indicate the high luxury of this hotel!

  2. At least you can't get lost.

  3. I too like to see the little things. And think of all of the details required to build a hotel like that, down to where to put signs, and what they should say, the font and style.


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