Friday, August 23, 2013

Coliseum Cafe, KL

On our last visit to Kuala Lumpur, our friend took us out to eat dinner at Coliseum Cafe. We had never heard of this place before but soon discovered it to be a very famous spot.

(All photos taken with my ipad)

The front doors have a wild west cowboy feel to them. And what we soon found out about Coliseum Cafe is that it is an extremely old restaurant in KL, having been standing in the same location since 1921, for the past 92 years!

Certificate on the wall at Coliseum Cafe KL

A fruity mocktail

A sample dish of fish and chips. The fish was great!

Fie and Leah pose with the appetiser of bread and butter. There was plenty to go around!

Our friend Mr. Lim, who reserved the table and paid for the meal for us

Lauren was apparently overjoyed with her meal! In the background a chef prepares a sizzling steak right in front of the customer. It gets a little smoky at times!

A scene at Coliseum Cafe KL

Some of the staff have been working at Coliseum Cafe for decades and there is a nice historical charm about the place. The Western food on the menu is also great and deserves your visit!


  1. You make your part of the world look very inviting!

    ALOHA, Friend
    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

  2. Charming indeed! Wonder why it is called Coliseum?

    Lovely images!

  3. Delicious food, I love that place with antique flavor!

  4. Nice for a business to last that long. Here it is unusual for a restaurant to be in business more than five years, though there are a few that last longer.

  5. I wondered the same as magiceye! Looks a very inviting place to savor some yummy food:)

  6. Glad that you met your friend having such a great time together!Hmmm the meal looks delicious!Love your first composition with the adorable girl!

  7. Hi Duncan, nice to pop in to your world over there far away. Seems to be a lot of atmosphere in those walls !


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