Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Duta Village Resort Kuantan Part 2 - The Beach

Welcome to Part 2 of our stay at Duta Village Resort in Kuantan. Today we'll take a peek at our time on the beach . . .

Lauren is such a little poser!

Saw this guy windsurfing . . .

Relaxing at the beach

This shell was perfect and is my current blog background picture . . .

Lauren stabbed it into the ground and had a picture with it . . .

Hope you enjoyed the beach pictures. I love going to the beach; so does Lauren, who said she covered her ears in this picture because she looked cute!

Who else really loves going to the beach, and how often can you manage it?


  1. Lovely place - I love going to the beach. I used to go every week-end when I was a kid. Less now but when I feel the need I just have to jump in the bus and in 20 minutes I can feel the fresh breeze and the smell of the sea. Nothing else matters then...........

  2. I see that you and Lauren had a good time at the beach. I love beaches too, although I am not a good swimmer. And of course, looking at the sea gives you a sense of joy and space and horizon. Lauren is getting better and better at posing. And she always looks so happy!

  3. I love going to the beach, and I could look at photos of the beach all day long! You're right - Lauren is such a little poser. She loves the camera, and the camera loves her!

  4. Really beautiful and lovely photos. I really like the color, the beautiful views the shell and smiles. Saludos.

  5. Marie, it's good to live close enough to a beach isn't it?

    ordinary malaysian, I can't swim either, but I'd never swim in the sea if I could - too dangerous! Yes Lauren is sure happy!

    Diane, I always love taking beach photos, images just seem so much better there!

    Hi Leovi, and thank you for your comments.

  6. We live very far from a beach, we went to Myrtle beach 2 years ago and Hunting beach 1 year ago, both in South Carolina. Last year we helped my daughter and her spouse move to Indian Rocks Beach in Florida an 8 hour trip. I drove a van with my BW, daughter and her 10 cats. But while we were there, since they are a 4 block walk from the beach we went there. It's on the gulf of Mexico. Guess what? About one hundred yards away a large group had gathered. We ambled over and someone had caught a 10 foot long shark. Three men were trying to return it to the water. At one point it lashed out and a man splashed water at it (I thought that was funny,like it would bother the shark). In a minute they had returned it to the gulf.
    I and my BW love the beach, an old army buddy of mine lives in Pensacola Florida and beautiful Pensacola Beach is only a twenty minute drive from his house, which is a six hour drive from my house in Georgia.
    Hey, that picture with the writing in the sand, did Lauren do that with her bare feet?

  7. Hi Anthony, thanks for getting in touch and sharing about some of your experiences with beaches. By the way, I wrote those words in the sand with my finger!


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