Thursday, September 1, 2011

Duta Village Resort Kuantan Preview

Our kind apartment owner invited us to stay at Duta Village in Kuantan on the Balok beachfront. Seeing as her brother in Penang couldn't make it, she thought of us! We have the best owner, Jenny, and her sister Doreen, we could have ever dreamed of! Thanks for this lovely free holiday!

More pictures will be coming on Monday

What was your favourite holiday?


  1. Is it me, or do you guys go on a ton of holidays?

  2. Missed Periods, I'm laughing, but you're right! If a holiday is defined as going to the beach, building sandcastles, playing in the sea and taking lots of pictures, then we can do this any day of the week, all year long, as the beach is just a 15-minute drive away! Every day feels like a holiday here, it's great! And occasionally we do go and stay at a hotel or resort like this one. I guess we're just living in a great place :)

  3. You sure do, Duncan! The beach there looks great.

    It is difficult to say which was my best holiday. There have been so many...I am still under the effect of my last journey to Seoul, so I am tempted to indicate it. But going to Beijing, touring Rajahstan, visitn Cappadocia, traveling in different places in Europe, every place made me say, every time "This was the best".

  4. My favourite holiday was in June, visiting you in Malaysia, having fun with Lauren, welcoming Leah into the world and spending time with my son and his lovely wife. Love you very much and looking forward to the next visit.

  5. Me encanta la imagen!!
    Un abrazo.

  6. Traveling Hawk, I guess every travelling experience is invaluable!

    I thought that would be your favourite mum! We eagerly await your next visit here!

    Thanks Elena and Leovi!


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