Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Duta Village Resort Kuantan Part 3 - The Sunrise

During our stay at Duta Village Resort in Kuantan I took the opportunity of waking up early to catch the sunrise over the sea. I remained at the beach from just before 7am until 7:30am and these were the best pictures I managed to snap . . .

The little balls of sand made by tiny crabs digging homes created a lovely foreground to this image

Basking in the early morning light . . .

We met these people from KL the night before

Their silhouette figures were perfect for a picture!

The sun finally appeared above the clouds at around 7:20am

Love the sun's golden glow across the sea

It was so peaceful and calming that I felt I could reach out and touch the sun . . .

If you'd like to see some more beautiful pictures today, visit my other blog by following this quick link:

Is appreciating nature one of your priorities in life? What do you do to relax and find peace?


  1. It's amazingly beautiful - Great shots! Sunrise - The best moment of my day too. I love being in nature, we can learn so much from it and find the serenity that we miss when living in a a busy city.
    Good day to you all!

  2. Nice pictures, I love the frames and perspectives. And above all these wonderful colors of the sunset. Very good.

  3. Those are wonderful photos Duncan. Very creative with you touching the sun!

  4. When I'm visiting somewhere near the shore, I also love to get up early and watch the sunrise too. These shots are absolutely beautiful, Duncan - I think any one of them would make a lovely background image for your blog!

    In a world where we have sky-high buildings branching out from everywhere, I definitely appreciate nature. No matter how many times I go to the same place, say a park or a quiet beach, every experience is different from the last. One thing that remains the same is how at peace I feel. Thanks for sharing these pictures of the gorgeous sunrise, they were really nice to look at.

    ninja-ing my way through life

  5. Looking at the pictures I feel I am almost there myself. Can imagine the quiet and the fresh morning air. I love pictures 3 and 4, nature and humans in harmony. Some great shot you had taken, Duncan.

  6. Hi Duncan,

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  7. Beautiful, beautiful photos today, Duncan, of that amazing sunrise. What a fantastic spot. I love the panoramic vista, but my favourite today is photo number 2.

  8. "Is appreciating nature one of your priorities in life?"

    Staying in the nature is one of my pleasure.

  9. Good day Marie! Thanks for coming yesterday!

    Thanks Leovi, I love the golden colours the best!

    Craig, I saw one of my friends on facebook who had done something like that so I had to do my own version of 'touching' the sun!

    Michelle, I'm glad you enjoyed these pictures. I'm certain that one of these sunrise pics will be my next blog background!

    Thanks ordinary malaysian, appreciate your comments and visit..

    Michelle James, that's quite a proposition! I'll get in touch with you soon :)

    Thanks Diane, have a lovely day!

    Marius, thanks for coming along, there is nothing quite as good as nature :)

  10. Those shots are absolutely beautiful. So peaceful. I love the last one.

  11. Thanks Missed Periods, they do bring such a great feeling of peace.


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