Monday, September 19, 2011

Our stay at M. S. Garden Hotel, 17th - 18th September, 2011

At the request of M.S. Garden Hotel we enjoyed a free night's stay at their lovely hotel over the last weekend.

The lobby design has changed a lot since I did a brief hotel survey two years ago, in particular the addition of Angelo's cafe, inspired by John Kars.

We checked in at 12 noon on Saturday after having lunch at Angelo's. The fried rice there is heavenly, and comes with prawns and chicken curry. It is just spicy enough to give you a flavour of Asia, but is also acceptable to the European tourist's tongue.

It was a lovely feeling to enter our room and to be greeted with a wide, spacious scene before us. There was a king-sized bed beside a balcony, wardrobe, dressing table and study table, including a small sofa and two more single chairs making up a living area. The wide open space proved to be a great dance floor for Lauren!

We had a nice view of Kuantan town from our 9th floor balcony:

In the daytime:

The South China Sea lies a short distance away on the horizon

When the evening rains were coming:

And at night:

The bathroom was nice, complete with sink, bath tub and shower, a nice large mirror, and a pleasantly funny shaped toilet seat!

We had real fun giving Leah a bath in the sink. However, we couldn't manage to keep the water in the sink! It kept slowly emptying when we thought we had plugged it!

At night we had a lovely dinner on the hotel at the Jade Terrace Chinese Restaurant at the Lower Ground Floor. We were joined by Kathy and Christina, and John and Beverley. The food was absolutely gorgeous and we left fully satisfied.

The back entrance, guarded by two Terracotta soldiers

The view inside the restaurant

Our food

Here are some more pictures of our lovely hotel room:

Guests and visitors are welcomed into the lobby by a large chandelier directly overhead:

Panorama of the lobby from the entrance

The Ground and Lower Ground floors of the M. S. Garden Hotel are connected by beautiful staircases. Here are some examples:

Finally, every good hotel has a good swimming pool. M. S. Garden Hotel is no different as it possesses a large and beautiful pool with some stunning rocks which act as a waterfall dropping into the children's pool.

We enjoyed playing in the pool . . .

We are thankful to the pleasant and helpful staff who served us during our stay at M. S. Garden Hotel. Kathy, Christina and Megat were all very professional and left a very good impression upon us. Also much thanks to our friends John and Beverley for keeping us in lovely company on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Overall, it was a most delightful stay at M. S. Garden Hotel and we would go back there any time because of the large and spacious rooms, excellent staff, great swimming pool, and vast array of good food.

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  1. I really enjoyed our stay here! Lovely staff and we were treated like VIPs as it said on the room key holder. Would love to go there again and try the side-walk cafe.

  2. A very nice hotel. What I liked mostly were the stairs and the pool.

  3. This looks amazing. I could use a few nights here myself. Glad you enjoyed your stay!

  4. Fidelia, it's quite nice being VIPs eh?!

    Traveling Hawk, I too loved the stairs :)

    Paul, having a break and relaxing once in a while is good for you!

  5. Looks like you had a lovely time - The place looks great and the food delicious.

  6. You are lucky, Duncan. Looks like a wonderful hotel with all that one needs. Nice pictures too, including the day and night views of the outside, especially the views of the gathering clouds.

  7. Yes Marie, the food was really good and we were impressed with the quality of the hotel!

    ordinary malaysian, Lucky maybe, but more a result of years of hard work on the blog. I never imagined one could benefit so much from keeping a blog! I too loved those cloudy views of Kuantan :)


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