Thursday, September 8, 2011

Duta Village Resort Kuantan Part 4 - Around the resort

Here are a few images of Duta Village Resort in Kuantan. These pictures were taken at various places around the small resort. I must admit, it was very pleasant and we enjoyed our stay, although one night was probably just about enough.

A huge hibiscus flower

Trees decorating a row of chalets

Can anyone identify these fruits?

Enjoyed this stunning lily pond even though most of them were brown

One of just two flowers in the pond

Rows of beautiful white flowers behind our chalet. What are these called?

Lauren in the pool, left; Leah and Fidelia at the right

What is the most important thing you look for when staying at a hotel or resort? The beach? The rooms? The location? The surroundings?


  1. That pink hibiscus looks like a paper! Great shots all. Some of the plants are very common here but their names just escape me. Too lazy to google though.

  2. Nice rooms in a good location first. I love the hibiscus flower it looks huge, we have them in our garden but not that big!

  3. ordinary malaysian, I love all the plants and flowers but likewise don't know their names!

    Linda, I've never seen one so big either! Amazing!

  4. Hi Duncan/Fidella,
    You will find lots of large hibiscus in Cameron highland...I really love CH!!
    To answer your last question,the first thing that I will look for when staying at a hotel is the scenery that it offers.But how the hotel staffs treat me will determine whether I will come back again there or not.

  5. Hi Annie, thanks for dropping by. I haven't been to Cameron Highlands as yet. If it's anywhere near as high up as Genting Highlands I won't last long there - the altitude really messed me up at Genting!


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