Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Meeting Blog Followers

Meeting your blog followers is something that doesn't happen very often - at least for me. We all have little square-shaped pictures of our followers on the sidebar or header/footer of our blogs. Some people don't click the "Follow" button but still view our blogs each day and leave comments. And lots of those little square-shaped images don't view or comment on your blog anyway. Which leads me to believe that the "Follow" button is not a very accurate way to show who truly follows your blog.

Anyway, back to the point of this post. I have interacted with a few followers of my blog in recent times. 

Jenny, over at knees and paws sent us a pillow from her little shop on her blog and we received it a couple of days ago . . .

It was nice to feel that Jenny was very much 'alive' and our friendship was enhanced with the receipt of this gift.

Last week I went to Robert's house here in Kuantan. He's from the Netherlands and lives here with his wife and children. It was great to meet him and spend some time at his beautiful house. I discovered that he, like me, loves nature so I hope to go on some interesting walks up hills with him in the future!

Robert is on the left, John on the right, their wives and me in the middle

At Robert's house was another one of my followers, named John, with his wife Beverley, from Australia. I have since met John and his wife again at MS Garden Hotel on Monday, and today we invited them to our home for a BBQ lunch. They are lovely people and we enjoyed their company immensely. I am planning for John to do a guest post here soon so you all can get to know this lovely man a little better. We share the same interest and views of Kuantan and want to help this town keep moving and progressing in the right direction.

With John and Beverley at MS Garden Hotel

Lovely chocolates from John and Beverley. Thanks!

It's great to actually meet in person those people who follow your blog. It brings them and your blog to life. I now have renewed motivation to continue working hard on my blog and have a great hope to continue meeting more of my followers in the future. 

Have you ever met any of your blog followers? How did you feel?


  1. Hi Duncan. How lovely for you to meet a couple of your Followers like that. It must have been really good fun! Lovely photos, and how kind of Jenny over at knees and paws to send you that lovely pillow. Unfortunately, I haven't met any of my Followers, but I really would like to. As you say, a lot of the photos of people that follow us, never ever leave a comment, so we don't really know whether we read our posts or not. I have a very loyal little band of people who come across every, or almost every, time I post, which is lovely, and I try to do the same with them.

  2. Beautiful photos. I'm happy for you to have the opportunity to meet such nice people.

  3. nice post!
    However, i meet with my followers all the time since they are my close friends...

  4. That is great that you all got the chance to spend some time together. Last week I got to meet Kate of
    It was wonderful getting the chance to spend time with her while she was here in Santa Fe. Meeting fellow bloggers really is fun.

  5. Diane, I have noticed your loyal band of commenters whenever I come over to visit!

    Thanks Leovi, it's a cool experience!

    Hi Elijah, I'm glad all your friends read your blog. I've been there too!

    Randy, you're right, it's a lot of fun to see the people behind the blog :)

  6. Hi Duncan, I'm so happy to have "met" you, Fedilia and your sweet girls. It would be wonderful to meet some blogging friends in person but as yet that hasn't happened for me. I'm inspired by your post today because you have reached out to your fellow bloggers. That is a brave thing to do!

  7. I've never met any of my blog followers but it's cool that you have! Maybe one day :)

  8. I see that Randy has left a message. It was terrific meeting that gentle, sweet man, and I am glad that I have met you now in cyberspace. Your sister's blog is delightful; thanks for her link, too.

  9. Unless your followers are your close friends you don't get to meet them. It is great that you got to meet some of of yours. And it is interesting to find out who they are in person and to read about them too!

  10. Jennifer and Michelle, it's great meeting fellow bloggers, hoping you'll get the chance some day!

    Kate, nice to mete you here and I'm so happy that you like my sister's blog. She takes stunning photos!

    ordinary malaysian, you can end up meeting any followers even if they are not close friends. Robert and John, two followers I recently met, I didn't even know they existed before last week! Life can give you many sweet surprises each and every day!

  11. Meeting your followers must feel very strange. I know a few of my followers but that's cheating. I've been reunited through my blog with some friends from when I was a child and hope soon to meet up with one of those but again that's not quite the same so the answer is, "No, I've never met any of my followers but it would be lovely to get the opportunity."

  12. Hi Rosalind, it's good to hear from you. It is strange when the appointment has been made, but when you actually meet them face-to-face, it's a lovely feeling!

  13. I think it is wonderful that you met face to face with some of your followers, I myself have not.

    Wishing you and yours a great big happy New Year.

  14. Hi Anthony, hopefully you'll get the chance to meet one or two followers some time. Happy New Year to you!


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