Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Leaves in Kuantan - Part 2

I hope you all enjoyed the close-up shots of leaves around Kuantan yesterday. If you happened to miss it, you can view it here.

Today there is a little more colour involved and a lot of magical sunlight, which always makes for great images!

Look out for Part 3 tomorrow!


  1. Hi Duncan. These are some really good and unusual shots! I love the last one because of the colour, but my favourite is the first one, where you have caught that drop of water! Your blog is looking good at the moment. Like the way you have put all the different headers across the top.

  2. It makes you a sense of relaxing and coolind down. Just perfect.

  3. Bonjour!
    wow very impressive, this set of pictures is brilliant, perfect work with your camera!My favorite is the first one.Bravo!

  4. Wow, these are beautiful. I especially like the first one with the water dripping off the leaf.

  5. You made a lot of progress in macro, Duncan!These are very nice. I like 3-4 very much.

  6. I have enjoyed the first two parts and look forward to part three. It is always rewarding photographing nature.

  7. Your first photo would make a beautiful desktop background!

  8. Love the 3rd and last ones. The light definitely makes a difference. Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments.

  9. Hi Diane, thanks for coming over. I spent a long time looking for a way to make that header collage at the top, glad I eventually did it!

    Thanks to all others who liked the first picture! That one was taken on my balcony, just a weed plant. It shows how you don't really need to go anywhere other than your own house to get a good picture!

    Traveling Hawk, pictures 3 and 4 are my two favourites as well!


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