Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Taman Jubli Perak Sultan Ahmad Shah

Set in a little valley in Indera Mahkota, the Taman Jubli Perak Sultan Ahmad Shah is a treasure in Kuantan.

Yes, the name is long, but basically it's a garden area surrounding a lake with loads of trees providing sufficient cover from the sun.

It lies beside the Kuantan immigration complex and is the scene for photographers and those who enjoy the outdoors. I met some college students spending some time snapping pictures of the scenery. Had a little chat with them before I pulled out my camera and began my tour.

There is ample parking space and it never seems to be too crowded. It is most popular in the evenings as people come for an evening jog or walk around the lake. There is also a children's playground to keep the small ones occupied, and a small eatery.

That's the Kuantan immigration complex


  1. Lovely pictures honey. Would love to go jogging there again. Perhaps when Leah is able to walk by herself. That would be another year. LOL

  2. Nice place and well kept! I like the photo with that silver ball, whatever it is...and the trees.

  3. Fabuluous pictures, what a lovely park. We like to go to the Cornelia (Georgia, USA) park and walk the blacktop trail they made, but it is nothing like I see in your fantastic photographs.
    There is a lot of gorgeous scenery there. The palm trees remind me of central and southern Florida.
    Thank You for sharing.
    Do you have radio stations and popular music? I'll bet you do. Are there automobile dealers near your home?

  4. Looks like a warm place. Wonderful shots too.

  5. Yes dear, you should take up jogging!

    Traveling Hawk, the silver ball is just a decorative item. Just having a bit of fun with it :)

    Thanks Anthony. Yep we have radio stations and automobile dealers close by..

    Randy, warm is not the word! It's a staggering 40C!

  6. Duncan the photos are amazing. I especially love the silver gazing ball shot. There are so many contrasting and colorful patterns in the other shots with the palm leaves and that very unusual orange pointy thing. It looks like a wonderful place to relax. Not to be an ignoramus, but what in the world is an immigration complex? Why can't people who immigrate stay where they like? Do they have to be held in a waiting area like refugees in a camp? Interesting! I'd love to find out more about that. Have a great week!

  7. Jennifer, thanks for your comments, it is a beautiful place. The immigration complex is a place where I and many other foreigners go to renew/extend visas every few months, and where Malaysians go to renew their passports. I also went there to register my daughter's birth and pick up her ID. I can also apply for a longer-term visa from there. And refugees are not held there!!

  8. Vilka otroligt vackra bilder.
    Helt enastående.Dit skulle jag vilja åka.Du är mästerllig på att fota.
    Jag njuter i fulla drag.

  9. Hi Lotta, thanks for visiting! Have a great weekend!


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