Monday, September 12, 2011

Tour of MS Garden Hotel, Kuantan

I was taken on a tour of the MS Garden Hotel here in Kuantan this afternoon after lunch with some of the management of the hotel.

This arrangement was set up by a new friend, John Kars, who lives in Australia with his wife Beverley. They are here in Kuantan on holiday and stumbled upon my blog recently. Impressed with my blog's content, John commented and we met last week. 

Today we enjoyed lunch and a chat with Azam-Executive Assistant Manager, Kathy-Director of Sales, and Christina-Senior Sales Manager. We were also accompanied by John and Beverley. The staff were very friendly and we enjoyed a chit-chat over lunch. Christina took Lauren for a little walk around the hotel while waiting for the food to arrive.

After lunch, John and Beverley took Fidelia and the children up to their room while I was shown around the MS Garden Hotel by Kathy and Christina, who have both been with MS Garden Hotel for 14 years, since its beginnings. They are pioneers there!

A typical Executive Room. I was amazed by how spacious they are. My type of room!

The accompanying bathroom. There is a shower out of the picture to the right.

And here is a Premier Room, where VIPs stay:

Here is a panorama of the bedroom with attached balcony and bathroom. This was taken from the sliding doors which separate it from the rest of the unit.

Here is the panoramic view of the living room area. That's Kathy at the sliding doors, unaware she was in the picture!

Here are two views of the master bathroom, and I wouldn't mind bathing in there!

I personally loved it...

MS Garden also boasts a fully equipped surau, or Muslim prayer room on the Mezzanine floor

The Fitness Centre is open to hotel guests only and is inclusive of the stay there. So you could spend all day in the jacuzzi . . .

. . . or work out for as long as you like in the gym:

Restaurant Seri Suria on the Lower Ground Floor specialising in Malay Cuisine

Just outside the restaurant is the swimming pool featuring the famous waterfall over a cluster of large rocks.

And a panoramic view of the pool:

Kathy and Christina then showed me the Heritage Room, which was very interesting as the history of Pahang was displayed in photos as early as the 1920's onwards.

Wall Street, Kuantan, 1928 . . .

and in 2011 . . . 

Angelo's cafe at the lobby, a great recent addition to MS Garden Hotel

The milkshakes looked and tasted great!

We snapped this picture of us 4 hours later at the end of our meeting. L-R: Christina, Beverley, Lauren, John, Duncan, Fidelia, Leah and Kathy


  1. Very nice hotel! I liked the presentation and I find it a good idea to have that Heritage Room. But most of all I would like to sit in the small cafe at the lobby!

    Greetings from Romania, Duncan!

  2. A very beautiful hotel, very modern. If we ever get to Malaysia, we will stay there (unless it's too expensive, in which case we'll stay with you, heeheehee).
    Wish you would have got a closer photo of that Menu, although it looked like a fast food restaurant.
    But they said the hotel specialises in Malay cuisine, would love to have seen a menu there.
    My best to you, we love that Lauren.

  3. Hi Traveling hawk, it's a very nice little cafe with quite a large menu!

    Anthony, the menu includes Malay style cuisines, Western food, pasta/spaghetti, a little of everything. When are you coming to Kuantan then?!

  4. Nice "guided" tour of hotel with great pictures! The swimming pool with the rocks waterfalls reminds me of the pool at the Crown Princess Hotel in K.L.

  5. Vilket lyxhotell.
    Jag sitter här och gapar.
    Underbara bilder. Jag gillar panoramabilderna över rummet.Toppen.
    Jättefin reklam.
    Ha det riktigt gott långt där borta på andra sidan jordklotet.

  6. DUNCAN: Have to visit relatives in Birkenhead first.
    Worst thing about being poor, you can't do much. Love the cuisine of Malay/Indonesia though.

  7. Thanks, ordinary malaysian, Lotta and Anthony! Sending my best wishes of the day to all of you :)


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