Friday, September 9, 2011

Fidelia's Friday - Lovely sisters of mine!

Today my post will be about my lovely sisters. I decided to write a little bit about them because I love them so much and I can't wait to see them again in Kuching next month. It has been a while since we all got together as sisters. Although, the second youngest won't be able to join us next month, but it's okay! There will always be next time.

So, my oldest sister is Felicia. She was born 2 years before me  in 1983. She doesn't have any Iban name so we call her Bibi. We are very close. We loved to keep our house tidy when we were young. We were trained by my mother at a very young age how to tidy up the house. So now that we are older, that habit of keeping the house neat and tidy stays with us. So, I guess that is a good thing. Felicia is now working as a civil engineer in Kuching. She just got married on the 8th of July 2011. We'll be there to attend her reception next month. 

I am the second one. The one after me is Florianna. Her Iban name is Lendai. She used to dislike her Iban name. I don't know why. Maybe she likes it now. She is 2 years younger than me. She will be celebrating her 24th birthday in October. She just completed her Masters degree in Safety, Health and Environment. She'll be having her convocation on September the 24th. Right now, she is continuing her PhD in Environmental Engineering and at the same time working as a Research Assistant. She shares the same hobby as my older sister and that is reading books! They can read a very thick novel and finish it within a few hours! I can never understand how they do it! 

The fourth sister is Felicity also known as Anai, her Iban name. She was born in December 1989. She is the genius in the family. She is a straight A's student. She has been a fully- sponsored student since high school. She went to a private high school and now she is continuing her final degree in IT in Melbourne, Australia. She is a very competitive young lady. I guess that's what makes her a successful student. My dad has a different way to approach her when she is upset. I won't dare to talk to her if she is angry. I love her though. 

The youngest one and the baby of the family is Florina. We call her Urai. She will be 18 in December, a few days after Christmas Day. When she was a baby, I helped my mother to take care of her. She was very close to me. I was like her second mother. I would stay at the nursery with her. I put her to sleep, I made her milk, I bathed her, I did a lot of things for her. When she was in  primary school, I used to help her with her drawings. Right now, she is doing her foundation in Science, a pre-university course. After she completes this course, she wants to take a civil engineering course. She loves to read as well. 

One common hobby that we all share is the love of dancing! Since I got married, I don't dance anymore. I don't know why! We all love to sing as well. We used to karaoke at home all the time. We always have some funny stories to tell each other. 

Of course, as siblings we have our ups and downs too. But at the end of the day, we are still sisters no matter what!

I can't wait to meet them again and have sister-to-sister time! I am so close to my siblings and I miss them.

Christmas Day 2008, the last time we were all together
L-R : Florina, Felicity, Florianna, Fidelia, Felicia 

My family including my parents


Are you close to your siblings? Do you share your feelings with them?


  1. Your sisters are lovely and so clever. I don't know how people manage to read thick books so quickly either. I'm the world's slowest reader, I think. One thing I would say though... you should dance again. It's so good for both the mental and physical (and I should practice what I preach!) Lovely post :-)

  2. oh fie...i love u too... <3 thanks for blogging about us.. wont want to have anyone else as my sisters but u girls..

  3. How great to read about your sisters - 5 sisters and 5 with a name starting with F! You look very close to each other, I think sisterhood/brotherhood is a chance in life.
    I have only 1 sister and we are quite close now that we both are adults.

    I imagine you are waiting for your family gathering with impatience. Hope you'll get a chance to dance! It's something I love to do myself and it is a great way too to reduce stress and allow ourselves to let go.

    Have a lovely week-end and thanks for this beautiful post Fidelia.

  4. What a lovely, warm post about your sisters. Gosh, you are all so beautiful (true!) and so very clever. Amazing, and I love it how your names all begin with the letter F. Beautiful names for beautiful young ladies! It will be so wonderful for you to get together with them again.

  5. Nice family write-up. Good that you sisters are close to each other and smart too. We are also a large family with several sisters and brothers but nowadays we rarely get the the chance to be all together. Usually we meet once a year during the Chinese reunion dinner and that too not all of us make it because of individual commitments.

  6. Great photo of all the sisters on the sand. Mom should be very proud, girls are very educated.
    Regrettably not close to my brother, he passed away two years ago, alone in eastern Europe, very sad.
    Not a sports fan, but that "tweena" looked difficult and interesting.
    I'm assuming than "Iban" is the name of a language.
    Tidyness in the home is a wonderful thing. My spouse and I love a clean home but detest doing the actual cleaning.

  7. Very beautiful photos, all your sisters are beautiful.

  8. pretty sisters!!! I have a younger brother. He's in Liverpool for his studies. He often calls home to tell me how much he misses my parents and I. Aww... I am missing him now.

  9. Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to leave a comment here, and for your kind thoughts about Fidelia's family. We'll have plenty of pictures to show you when we return from our Kuching trip later next month!

  10. I really enjoyed this post, it was so heart-warming :) Hugs to you all, lovely sisters! <3

  11. Thanks so much Barbara! Thanks for exploring my blog :)


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