Monday, August 1, 2011

Children in Kuantan


  1. Beautiful pictures, Duncan. I love all of them, especially the photos of Lauren and her friend in action. I also really like the fourth photo, just the way the buildings surrounds Lauren. I love the smiles on their faces, so full of love, so beautiful.

    Ninja-ing my way through life

  2. Hi Duncan .. it's great to see your photos .. are the boys playing 'tops'? Fun times being had in that innocent way .. cheers Hilary

  3. I love all the photos of the children today, Duncan. It's lovely to catch shots when they're not actually posing as well. I try to do that with the grandchildren, but it's not always easy as they don't keep still long enough. Lauren is so cute! Hope you've fully recovered from that nasty illness now.

  4. These are among my all-time favorite Duncan portraits. It feels like these should be part of a collection that are for sale at a home decorating store. I love the B&W element.

  5. Cuteness factor is through the roof! :)

  6. \Lovely photos Duncan, thanks for sharing them. B&W are the ones I prefer, they catch perfectly the essence.

  7. The pictures bring back memories of my own carefree childhood days. I like the 4 sequence shots of Lauren running with friend. They evoke the joys of carefree abandonment.

  8. Thanks Michelle! Lauren's friend is babysitted by the woman who lives beside us.

    Hilary, yes the boys are playing with spinning tops, keeping them occupied after school!

    Hey Diane, I'm fully recovered, thanks for asking :) It is great to capture subjects in a photo when they're not aware of it.

    Hi Paul, you're too kind! I'd love to sell my pictures some time.

    mydayinasentence, that's for sure!

    Marie, these pictures really did seem to come to life in B&W!

    ordinary malaysian, those 4 are great pictures. It's good for children to enjoy being children :)

    Chica Loca, they are cute. I'm always taking pictures of my two little daughters!

  9. Beautiful photographs - I love the monochrome. Lovely kids too, they look so happy!

  10. Hi Craig, thanks for joining my blog. The girl is my daughter, the others are some of the children around this area.


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