Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An Evening Stroll in Kuantan and Planking Part 2

While it's the fasting month, the field opposite our house has gone very quiet in the evenings. All the Malay boys who usually play football are, of course, fasting, so we get the whole field to play on, along with one or two other children.

We went there yesterday evening to enjoy the late sun

My 3 girls on the field!

My wife's first panorama shot went pretty well!

Lauren and I enjoyed a kick about with the football . . .

A simple planking manoeuvre; Lauren watched me carefully

Planking is fun and can be hilarious. It can also be extremely dangerous. To those thinking of trying it I advise you to avoid it unless you are fully confident in the planking manoeuvre and in your own ability to carry it out.

It was interesting to read the comments from yesterday's post about "Planking". It was very popular as it attracted 123 visitors in a single day. A number of people expressed how they didn't 'get it'. Really, there isn't anything to 'get'; it's just some fun to pass time. Apparently my next-door neighbour in England, an older lady named Brenda, has been planking in her back garden and I think that's absolutely hilarious! But remember, be safe!!

Following are 3 planking poses by myself on the field last night, increasing in their degree of difficulty and awesomeness . . .

Plank 1

Plank 2

Plank 3

By far, my best plank so far, though I don't think I want to do anything more daring than this! My heart was in my mouth for a few seconds as I waited for the picture to be snapped. But I got into a nice, stable position up there.

Lauren continued her new-found interest in planking with this pose here:

Leah watched on from her snazzy pushchair

We had a lovely time, and as you'll see tomorrow in Planking Part 3, the third and final part, I even got my good wife to join in!


  1. Lovely pictures! :) Glad you got nice weather, and you're having so much fun! :) I love pictures of your beautiful family! Saying hello to all of them!

  2. Thanks Barbara, we are blessed with lovely weather all year round.

  3. Well I learn something new every day, having just read here all about 'planking' fun photos.

  4. Really nice pictures Duncan. I think planking looks fine if you keep it as innocent as you are. It's the kids trying to out do each other with crazy stunts which end in tragedy.

  5. Again a very nice family photos series!

  6. I don't know from planking, but those girls (and your spouse) are absolutely lovely.

    I too didn't "get" the planking thing. I guess its just a photo pose, and if you are having fun, good on you.

    There actually is a weight training exercise called the "plank". You lay face down but the weight is on your forearms and you hold the position with your abdomen pulled in towards your spine.

    Anyway, nice post, enjoyed seeing the photographs.

  7. I must say that I don't get this planking thing or the owling thing for that matter. It seems kind of strange, but I guess it's just another weird fad that's passing. Who comes up with these ideas anyway?

    Tossing It Out

  8. Hi Duncan. Isn't it funny how you got so many comments about planking!!! My goodness your little Leah is growing away, isn't she. Doesn't she look beautiful (and Lauren too, of course!!). Gosh, those last three planks looked a bit scary, especially the one at the top. You take care now!!

  9. Must have been a beautiful family evening at the field. Leah has grown so much already. But I just hope kids won't try to imitate your planking posts esp. on the "scaffolding".

  10. Yes Linda, that's the joy of living - to keep discovering!

    Craig, you're right. Like most things which can be done the correct way, or taken to an extreme and become dangerous.

    Thanks Traveling Hawk!

    Thanks Anthony, perhaps I should try the "plank"?!

    Arlee, I have no idea where or when it originated. Just a bit of fun.

    Diane, I have had a lot of comments about this planking business! I think I'll call it a day as people either are extremely concerned about it or just "don't get it"!

    ordinary malaysian, I think enough has been said about all this planking...moving on :)


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