Friday, August 19, 2011

Fidelia's Friday - A typical day in my life!

My day starts the moment Leah wakes up in the morning around 8am. Then, I will feed her and if I am lucky, she will go to sleep again. If not, Duncan and I will play and talk to her for a while on the bed. She can be very talkative. So cute!

Around 10am Lauren will wake up. While waiting for her to wake up, I will have my breakfast. Usually cereal with milk. 

Laundry is also done in the morning. This takes about 1 hour! The reason is because our washing machine is semi-auto so it takes more work than fully-auto ones. Not complaining as long as I am not doing the laundry by hands.

When it's 11am, it's time for the children to go for a bath. Duncan usually bathe Leah and I will dress her up. After Leah's turn, it's Lauren's. I will take care of Lauren after that. Comb and tie her hair! Lauren knows how to dress herself up. She'll say "I can do it all by myself!"

Lunch will be around 1pm. Thinking what to cook for lunch is always difficult. So, sometimes we just have sandwiches! 

Nowadays we will go for a walk on the field around 6pm. Lauren and her daddy will play football while I just walk around with Leah. The walk usually ends up with Lauren playing the slides and see-saw. We love our evening walk!

Dinner time will be around 7pm or 7.30pm. Duncan and I will take turn to cook dinner. We usually have "Sweet and Sour Fish" or soup.

At 8pm until 10pm, Duncan will have his class and I will take care of the children. Put Leah to bed around 9pm and watch television with Lauren.

10pm sharp is our CSI: Miami! It is a MUST-WATCH action series! One of our favourite action series called NCIS:LA that starts at 11pm just finished last night. So, we need to find something new to watch!

I normally go to bed first, then closely followed by Duncan. That would be around 12am or earlier. Meanwhile, Lauren will fall asleep on the couch and Duncan will carry her to her bedroom before he goes to bed!

I love my typical day! It is good to have a routine. It kinda make things a lot easier to handle and plan.

So, how is your typical day? Is it a hectic or a relaxing one? Mine certainly looks not so hectic but let me tell ya, it can be sometimes! 


  1. I agree that it is always good to have a routine, especially when you have young children. I think they like to be structured as well. I am now retired, so no routine any more, which I rather like. I don't have to set my alarm clock anymore. I like to meet up with friends and, if the weather is good, we go out for walks by the sea, which I love.

  2. Lovely post, Fidelia. It was nice to read about a typical day in your shoes, surrounding your beautiful family. Since you watch NCIS:LA, do you watch NCIS?

    Ninja-ing my way through life

  3. Lovely to read about your typical day Fidelia. When I was Au Pair, routine was very important with the girls, made things so much easier.
    Now it's office hours and a relaxing time in the evening - different life.

    Have a great week-end with all your family! And read you next week. Take care

  4. I enjoyed reading this post. Lauren sleeps late? 10.00am?

    I used to watch csi-Miami (with David Caruso) but got tired of it after awhile. Same thing with "Criminal Minds" and "Bones".

    Does the tv show have Malay language sub-titles?

    Do you buy fresh or frozen fish? Can you get Salmon?

    Lasdt post with planking photos had the child on what looked like a concrete childrens slide structure. Is it smooth enough to slide down, or is it something else?

    Uh oh, I'm asking too many questions.

  5. It sounds like a routine day. But I guess it is never easy being a housewife.

  6. Thisisme: Your retirement sounds like fun! Glad u have no routine and just do whatever u feel like doing.

    Michelle: Thank you. Yes, we tried watching NCIS but we didn't really enjoy it as much as NCIS:LA.:D

    MarieHarmony: Thank you! Yes, see you next week.

    anthony stemke: Yes, Lauren sleeps quite late. Maybe around 11pm or 11.30pm. Yes, they have Malay subtitle. So that's good for me! Sometimes the fish can be fresh. It depends what time of the day you go and get them. Yes, we have salmon here too. The slides are made of concrete and they are very smooth to slide on! Better than plastic slides.

    ordinary malaysian: Yes, being a housewife is not as easy as people think it is. :D

  7. Let's put it this way: I could stand having more hectic days if it meant bringing in an income. Right now my relaxing days haven't really been paying off too well.

    Tossing It Out

  8. NCIS is way too 'jokey' for my liking.Absolutely love NCIS:LA and CSI:Miami!

    Nice post babe, and I too am looking forward to next Friday!

  9. We watch the various NCIS programmes here in Italy as well. :)

  10. Arlee, it's good to be busy!

    Linda, glad you get to see them all in Italy as well!

  11. Hi Fidelia, your day sounds great. I wish my kids were that age again. It's a very precious time. Enjoy!

  12. Hi Rosalind, thanks for visiting. We are certainly enjoying this lovely time when our children are so young!


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