Monday, August 15, 2011

Sony DSC-W520 Digital Camera Sweep Panorama

We have a new Sony DSC-W520 digital camera. It comes with a new Sweep Panorama function, allowing me to take panoramic pictures encompassing 261 degrees. 

Here's why we have a new camera . . .

The other week we had a tragic accident in which our Panasonic Lumix DMC-F2 digital camera landed on the floor lens first, and was damaged severely. Lauren was passing the camera to me, I was receiving it, and somewhere in between, it dropped, crashed, on the hard cold floor. I buried my face in my hands in silence. Lauren, feeling bad, went to her room and lay on her bed in silence. Surprisingly I didn't feel angry with her or the situation. After a few minutes I went to see Lauren to tell her not to feel upset. That was a nice moment.

Here are a few panoramas I've been shooting . . . just minutes after purchasing the new camera!

Zenith Hotel and Menara Zenith from the roof of East Coast Mall

A view of Kuantan town from the roof of East Coast Mall

An up-down panoramic image of Menara Zenith

The Zenith Hotel in Sweep Panorama mode

The Zenith Hotel main entrance


  1. i like the new panoramic pics! i have one on my camera but im always so lazy to do them lol!

  2. That's one cool structure, and you have a good idea to go to the roof ... and I did not miss that train although I missed all the seat and have to stand all the way to Subang as I was the last person running from that end of the platform to where the train stop !!!

  3. I just got my new camera too and all excited with the panoramic function!! Love the pics! Hope I can take something nice soon! Have a great week ahead!

  4. Those panoramic photos are amazing! Very nicely done.

    Also, as much as it's unfortunate to have an accident, sometimes it's secretly nice to be able to get something a little better as a replacement.

  5. It looks as if it all turned out for the best. Those are great panoramic photos.

    Sorry to type this next bit but the way you describe the incident I couldn't help thinking that it was actually you who'd dropped your camera!! (OK I'm out of here now!!)

  6. At least the accident was a good excuse to get a new camera! Love the panorama feature. Great shots, Duncan.

  7. I don't know much about cameras, but as regards parenting; you did a beautiful thing consoling your daughter about the dropped camera. I suppose these digital cameras cost several hundred dollars (like a new laptop computer maybe), you did real good, it will come back to you.

    Oh yeah, the pictures are nice.

  8. Poor Lauren. She must have felt like crying. Good for her and you that you weren't angry with her. Outcome of your fasting perhaps? - that you are more patient. Wonderful panoramic pictures. I especially like pics 1 and 2. BTW I have the same model Lumix camera you had. Maybe thinking of buying a camera with the panoramic pic option.

  9. Oh poor little Lauren. I can imagine her horror when the camera dropped to the ground! I'm glad you went and told her that everything was alright. Bless! I can see that you're going to have great fun with this new camera. The panoramic shots are fantastic!

  10. Aisha, go try it out today!

    WCW, you live in Subang? I love that place!

    FGF, have lots of fun with your new camera!

    A beer for the shower, you're right. Quite often bad things are replaced in the near future with good things.

    Rosalind, I'm glad you got out of here quickly! haha! I don't really know what happened, it all occurred so quickly . . .

    Thanks Craig, I must admit I'm very happy with the new camera!

    Anthony, it did feel good to console her and not feel angry. This is the way to go!

    ordinary malaysian, the regrettable incident actually took place during my fasting trial, so yes, the increased patience at that moment was a result of my fasting!

    Diane, thanks, and I'm having lots of fun with it :)


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