Saturday, July 3, 2010

Taman Pertanian (Agricultural Garden)

We recently visited Taman Pertanian and had the biggest let-down of our lives. It was a deserted set of fields with not a person in sight, and not too much to explore either.

We did however, spot a few ostriches in an enclosed area at the far end of the park, the only signs of life we saw.

Taman Pertanian is extremely poorly kept and managed with over-grown grass and abandoned museums and halls contributing to its neglected state. My brother is sure he spotted a rare squirrel inside the humid, dark and lifeless museum!

However, as with all around Kuantan and Malaysia, there was always plenty of nature to admire, which enabled me to whip out the lens and start snapping some images.

My eyes were instantly attracted to this show-piece tree neatly decorated with its beautiful red flowers.

The humming of these red-bodied dragonflies filled the drains where they rested periodically

The green scenery at Taman Pertanian

The rambutans are not ripe yet

There were some colourful flowers on display at Taman Pertanian

Some description of miniature grasshopper rests on the petals of this pink item

Given some overdue tender loving care and affection, Taman Pertanian could draw a barrel-load of visitors to keep those ostriches alert.


  1. Thinking to visit there these few days. Wonder how it looks like now.

  2. It really wasn't the most interesting place to visit at all. It was basically dead apart from me and my wife! Maybe it has gained a little popularity since then - I'm not sure.


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